Friday, 25 September 2009

Footy Colours Day

Today at school it is 'footy colours day'. At Punchbowl the kids get to wear their footy colours and have savs for lunch. The money they raise goes towards the Grade 6 leavers dinner. At Aaron's school they are having a BBQ lunch as well.

This year's footy colours day is a big contrast to last year with Hawthorn playing in the grand final. Everyone was very excited and very stressed all at once. I'm actually glad they aren't in the grand final this year as watching the grand final tomorrow will be a lot more relaxing.

The boys were keen to get their Hawks gear on this morning but they were of course feeling sad they aren't in the final.

The kids in Noah's class were so excited to see Noah in Hawks gear this morning. It seems like half the school goes for Hawthorn now with the team coming down to Tassie so often. There was definitely a lot of brown and gold at school this morning. We went up to the hospital to pick up some meds for Noah this morning and lots of people were commenting to me about the boys in their Hawks gear, saying they go for the 'right team'.

Hopefully next year we will have happy faces back on for footy colours day.


  1. GO THE HAWKS!!!! year.
    Love Mum.

  2. This is so funny! Love your expressions so much!

  3. So who are you all going for tomorrow Lisa???? I hope the Saints can do what the Hawks did last year! (love the photo - especially Harry!!!)

  4. Hannah we are all going for the Saints tomorrow. Let's hope they do what the Hawks did last year - it was awesome!

  5. I love that you get involved, Scarlett wouldn't even give me sympathy..p.s i selected funny coz of the great photo!
    i like the new pole, Its an easy way for ppl to leave feed back.

  6. oops i just realized its not new... =D

  7. It's fairly new Jony - I added it a month or so ago. Thanks for the comments - maybe Scarlett will come around when she has a few more boys in the house? I never used to be into footy AT ALL, but after 5 boys in the house I don't have much choice - it's the old saying 'if you can't beat them, join them' in our house! :)


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