Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Spring Birthday Boy

It has been a long couple of months with Harri counting down the days till his 5th birthday. He has been so excited. This morning he came out of bed at about 6.15am and just stood there with a big grin like 'okay - it's my birthday - let's party!'. He was so excited to open up his presents. He is really into Mr Men at the moment so he loved his Mr Happy soft toy we got him and also his Mr Rude t-shirt.
The t-shirt suits him perfectly!! He cracked us up this afternoon as he opened up a card that Kylie gave me on Saturday to give to him. He ripped it open and then said 'oh - no money!'. That is why he is Mr Rude!!

A few weeks ago when we were in the midst of Noah's broken leg and Noah being really unsettled and in lots of pain, Harri was talking about his birthday and said 'when Oliver, and Eli and Taj and Callum come to party...' and I was like 'hang on a sec Harri - I don't think you will be having a party'. He got very upset and kept asking why he couldn't have a party as he has never had one with his friends. I explained that Noah wasn't very well at the moment and I wasn't sure if he would be feeling better by his birthday. He then said 'okay then - when I'm 6 I will have a party with my friends?', and I said 'probably' and he then said 'but Noah WILL be better by then, Mum!'. I felt sad for him as the boys often have to miss out as we never really know how Noah will be so don't plan too far in advance. I made a compromise with him and said he could take cupcakes for all of his class at school instead. He thought that was a great idea and was then happy to be celebrating his birthday with his friends. His classmates were very excited when he rocked up to school with 21 cupcakes to share! He was so funny walking into school - telling all the Mums it was his birthday.

After school Alison came to do In Home Support with Noah after 6 weeks away to do her internship. The plan was for us all to go to the Aquatic Centre for a swim and for Alison to come with us to keep Noah company while we swam. It didn't work out how we planned and the day turned out to be one of those days where nothing turns out how you plan it, which is why we don't plan too far ahead! Noah came home asleep in his wheelchair and woke up screaming. He seemed to have a lot of cerebral irritation, probably because he has been having so many seizures again lately.

We realised it wasn't going to be a very fun night at all with Noah screaming and Harri was wanting to go out for tea at McDonalds and for a swim at the aquatic centre, so Alison stayed home with him.

Jalen actually asked if Noah was coming with us and I said he wasn't and I asked him why he wanted to know and he said 'because it wouldn't be very fun with Noah screaming all night'. Last week when Harri realised we were going to Melbourne he asked if Noah was coming with us. When I said he wasn't he seemed relieved as he knew it would be hard to take Noah with us and he may not have been happy the whole time either. I often forget that they find it hard too when Noah is screaming. Alison looks excited about a night at home with Noah screaming! :)

Mum came in to join us for tea and to watch the boys swim. She hasn't been well all week and still isn't feeling 100%. I think looking after Kobe and Noah while we went to Melbourne wore her out!

Mum and I both sat and watched the boys swim with Aaron and enjoyed the warm surroundings. Mum enjoyed it so much that she had a little nap! :) Lucky we were pretty much the only people there.

The boys had heaps of fun swimming. I love going at night time as there is hardly anyone there and it feels like it's your own private pool (with a huge tipping bucket!).

Kobe has become such a water baby. There was no stopping him tonight. He doesn't even care when the bucket tips over him! He kept climbing back up the stairs to go back down the slide - again, and again and again!

We came home to a much calmer Noah - thanks to some pretty strong meds. I was feeling bad for Alison and was hoping he had settled down for her. In the end I think they had a nice quiet night together. Harri loved his cake that Aaron made - a Luigi cake from Super Mario Bros.

He had a great day with lots of messages, phone calls, cards, pressies, and videos from everyone wishing him a happy birthday. I just had to post this video that Chloe, Eden, Steph and Lachie emailed him - it's very cute!


  1. Happy Birthday Harri, looks like you had a great day.

  2. yay for Harri, happy birthday cool boy! I love Chloe's little video! Ill ahve to go to the Acquatic Center when we are up these holidays.

  3. happy birthday harri!
    what a cool day for a cool big boy!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Harri BoyBig boy now....so glad that your birthday is finally here and you can celebrate...
    Have a great Year.... you are 5 now that is fnatastic...it means you get to washup evey night, make your own bed, vacum the whole house, keep your bedroom spotless, pick up all Kobes's toys and take out the rubbish....(mum wishes)

  5. Happy Birthday Harri! It looks as though everyone was pooped from the party!

  6. Happy half decade Harri. Oliver missed you at the gym but I told him you were having more fun doing cool birthday stuff.

  7. Sorry about the lack of money in your card Harri! How funny is that boy. You've got to love the honesty of little kids - I think it's just that they are so matter of fact at that age and don't worry about what people will think like we adults do!

    Fantastic cakes again this year!

  8. Glad Harri had a great day, who says you need a party to have a great birthday (though imagine how much fun he will have next year with all his besties).

  9. Happy Belated Bithday. oops. Chloe's video was pretty cute


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