Saturday, 12 September 2009

Double Digits!

Oh boy am I feeling old today!! My firstborn turned 10 today - at precisely 3.35pm. Jalen has been super excited for his birthday. Last year he didn't have a party with his friends, but just a sleepover with his best friend Brayden. This year he was telling me that he HAD to have a party with his friends as he was going to be turning 10 which is 'double digits' and therefore a VERY important birthday!

The other day he asked me if I had already bought his card and if it was one that had the number 10 on it, it is very special as it's your first year in double digits, but it would be even special if you got a card with triple digits on it! Maybe one day Jay!

Jalen desperately wanted to have a sleepover with a few friends, but we can never plan how Noah is going to be on the day, so we told him he could have a sleepover with one friend and then a small party with just his best friends the next morning. Of course that meant Brayden came to sleep over last night. It felt like we were celebrating his birthday for two days in a row! Jay requested to have an early birthday tea at no where else but Maccas of course. Noah wasn't having a great day and we thought it was going to end up like last year with just one of us taking the boys out for tea, but Noah settled down just before we were going to go, so we all got to go together which was nice. Brayden seemed really surprised that Noah was coming and kept saying to Jay 'Noah's coming too!'. While we were eating Brayden asked us if Noah ever eats anything (I think he thought it was mean that all of us were eating and Noah was just sitting and watching us) and we explained how it's too dangerous for him to have anything in his mouth and how it makes him choke and he was happy then.

After tea the Jay and Brayden settled down to watch a DVD. Kobe thought he was going to join them. Brayden cracked me up as he seemed a bit worried that I was going to leave Kobe there all night and kept asking 'is Kobe going to bed soon!?'.

Jay woke up early this morning, but not too early which was nice. He was SO excited to open up his presents as he has been saving up his pocket money all year to go halves with us in a Nintendo DSi.

We kept teasing him that he may not get it, so of course he was very happy and relieved when he opened it up, and he played it for the rest of the morning.

I heard Michael Jackson blaring out of the boys bedroom and went in to find Jay and Brayden doing the 'Beat It' dance together. They were so cute! Supposedly a group of boys in their class do it every morning before the bell goes.

Jay decided he wanted to have a party at the Aquatic Centre which suited us as it meant the kids would be occupied just swimming and playing together and we would just have to worry about food. The only thing we weren't sure about was how Noah would be, but we were lucky to have Alison come along to help out with him. I warned her that it was going to be warm in there, but I don't think she realised quite how warm! It was great having here there as she could feed Noah for us and also took him outside for a little while to cool down. He actually ended up sleeping most of the time, which I figure is better than screaming.

Nicki and Alex and the kids drove up from Ulverstone. It was great to have them with us as Becky and Jared couldn't make it and Steph and the kids are away in Sydney.

Jay has some really lovely friends. When I asked him who he would invite if he could have between 5 and 7 friends come to a party, he told me about 5 boys names and then said 'and Katherine'. He often talks about Katherine and a few months ago he was telling me that Katherine was going on a holiday to Bali. Acouple of weeks later he came home with a lovely necklace that Katherine had bought him in Bali and a postcard. Jalen is obsessed with anything to do with Mario Kart and calls himself 'Yoshi' and the rest of his friends all have names from characters in the game. Supposedly Katherine is 'Peach'. In the postcard from her it said 'to Yoshi, I'm having lots of fun and miss you, from Peach.

I thought it was so cute and of course we were bad and started to tease him about his 'girlfriend'. He got very upset and insisted that she wasn't his 'girlfriend', but just a friend so we really tried to not tease him about it. His teacher later told me how 'lovely' they are together and just work so well together and get along like best mates, so she ended up putting them on the same table together and now they are like an 'old married couple'.

I asked him if he was sure he wanted to invite Katherine as she would be the only girl and she may not feel comfortable coming on her own, so he said he asked her if she would still come and she said she didn't mind being the only girl coming. It was so nice seeing them together, and even though we love to tease him that he has a 'girlfriend' it is so nice to see him have such a great friend who is a girl. I hadn't met her Mum until today and she was lovely and was saying she is a real tomboy and she just loves to do things that boys love to do.

All of his friends are really nice, and it was nice to have them all with us there today - especially as it's school holidays as they were really happy to all see each other.

I'm sure Jay won't think his Dad is so cool in a few years time if he keeps doing this during photos! ;)

Aaron was very pleased as he got to make his dream birthday cake! It was the perfect year to make this cake as Jalen's favourite Hawks player is Chance Bateman who is number 10 and of course Jay was turning 10.

Jalen said it was the 'best day of his life'. Lucky for us he is pretty easy to please! All day he has been thanking us for a great day. We are lucky to have such a great kid - one who is starting to make us feel very old as he is growing up way too fast!


  1. What a great bithday Jalen! Fantastic cake - just a pity the other "boys" aren't there in September to celebrate this year!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY!! What a legend...keeping the mj dance alive AND keeping the Aquatic centre in business again i see!! Awesome stuff!! Great cake Aaron!

  3. Happy Birthday to Jalen! He sure is a great kid. =)

  4. how cool is the one girl at the party! Love it! Happy birthday Jay, we think you are awesome!

  5. Great party Jay! It was good to meet some of your friends. They all seem like they're pretty cool, especially Katherine. Hope you had a wonderful and memorable day.

  6. Hallie will be just like Katherine. I was excited to see what kind of cake Jay would have.....shoulda known.

    We told Sarra we would go halves in a DSi for her b'day too. You will have to tell me what they are like.

    Happy birthday Jalen. I hope you are fast asleep after your most excellent day.

  7. Simone, so far Jalen LOVES his - he has been recording his voice and taking photos with it all day and doing lots of fun stuff with it. He handed his DS down to Harri so he is also very happy.

  8. It was a lovely day, and Jae has some really lovely friends.
    As usual the cake was great.
    Love Mum.

  9. One correction, Nicki and Alex drove DOWN from Ulverstone. How could Nicki and Alex drive up from Ulverstone? 2 reasons-
    1) Launceston is further south than Ulverstone.
    2) Ulverstone may be pretty close to sea level, but the hole that Launceston is in is so deep, it is below sea level.

  10. Such a fun day!
    And that's not a bad picture of me with my skeptical face on, either! ;)
    Jay's the best. "What did you even do for Noah today!? You just sat and watched us swim and ate junk food!"
    People are so protective of their birthday money.
    Thank you, also, Lorraine, for the geography lesson! ;)

  11. looks like Jay had a great Birthday!!! George's best friend was a girl when he was the same age too... think it's great!

  12. IT wasn't me Alison, it would have been Alex.
    Love Lorraine.


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