Wednesday, 16 September 2009

School Holidays

We LOVE school holidays. It is so nice to be out of routine - to not have to get up at 6am every morning and get the boys ready for school. It's so nice to be able to hang out in our PJs till after 9am if we want, and so nice to not have to to drop boys off, pick boys up and run them to things after school.

I'm sooooo glad that 6 years ago Aaron decided he wanted to become a teacher. I really don't think I could survive (or enjoy!) school holidays without him home as well. I know we wouldn't be getting out half as much if he wasn't home as it's just so hard to go anywhere for long with Noah at the moment.

We have been trying to do something most days so the boys can get out of the house so we don't all go insane. Kobe was definitely the cutest shop keeper at Kids Paradise last week.

Earlier in the week we went tenpin bowling. The night before I kept asking the boys who was ready to get their butts whipped and they were all giving it back to me like they were going to win, but I was pleased to whip ALL of their butts - including Aaron who thinks he is the KING of bowling! :) Kobe actually LOVED it and decided that using Noah's ramp to bowl was pretty fun and wanted to have a go himself.

The best thing we did was buy a $50 family ticket for the Aquatic Centre for the school holidays. It gives you unlimited access to the aquatic centre for the two weeks, and a minimum of two people in your family have to use the pass each time. We figured we only needed to use it four times to get our moneys worth, but have already been 6 times and will probably go another couple of times before the week is up. The boys love it as they know they can go up every day if they want to. They quite often see friends from school there and when I asked them if they are getting sick of it they looked at me like 'are you crazy!!!?'. I don't think they will ever get sick of it.

Today I asked Kobe if he wanted to go swimming at 'the bucket' and he was soooo excited and said a big 'esss!' (yes!). We drove up there and he spotted the pool and I had to do a U turn to get a park and he started crying - thinking I was turning around to leave!! He was so devastated. He just loves it up there so much now and is such a water baby.

School holidays go way too fast, but before we know it we will be enjoying the summer holidays! Can't wait!


  1. What fun holidays! Woooo! :)

    I'm pumped for school holidays too. Bring on the end of uni!

    Bring on Summer! (Although, I'm sure when it's super hot, I'll be regretting I ever said that. Spring is my favourite season in Tasmania.)

    They're lucky to have parents who will make their school holidays lots of fun! :)

  2. looks like so much fun. School just started here so we have awhile before any holidays.

  3. I love your photo "collages" - will have to learn how to do that one day. What is Harri up too behind Jalen?

  4. It seems to me as though it was only just school holidays! The perks of being a teacher!

  5. By the way your blog is very popular in this household. Little Alex has started to point to photos of Jay and say "Jay!" Maddi asks everyday to watch Harri and Jay dancing to Michael Jackson.

  6. Oh that is just Harri being Harri, Kylie! :)

    Nicki - don't you start complaining about teachers holidays!!!! If I recall I think you are a teacher and one day you may start teaching again and remember how tired you are by the end of each term and need a break to get energised for the next term!!! :)

    Glad Maddi and Alex are enjoying seeing the boys.

  7. I'm so jealous!!
    Love Mum.
    Glad you are all well again and can go out and enjoy the days together.
    Love Mum.

  8. holidays are the best! looks like you've all had some good fun. cool about the family ticket to the aquatic centre.

  9. After looking at all your posts of the new Aquatic Centre...we packed up the girls today and went off for a look (and a swim of course) is amazing ...the kids loved it...great holiday fun when it is raining...all warm in there too...yep you won me!!!(and the girls too)

  10. Isn't it great Annette!!? Did you go swimming? Aaron and I always pay extra to go in the warm 'program' pool next to the spa. It is SO warm - just like a bath.
    Glad the girls loved it.

  11. we took the girls to the Aquatic center today Lisa. The bucket was GREAT. Rowan was such a dare devil in the water. I stayed in the water to hide my hairy winter legs so no photos to show!!! Chels

  12. Chels - I'm so glad you got to take your girls there. I bet they LOVED it. The boys could hang out there all day everyday - the bucket is so much fun and the toddler pool is so warm too, so if they get cold they go and hang in the toddler pool for a while. Bummer you didn't get pics - they would've looked great I bet.


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