Tuesday, 14 April 2009


This afternoon I went up to visit Bec and Una in hospital, to meet their beautiful little man who was born last Saturday. Samiuela is absolutely beautiful.

His name is the Tongan version of Samuel and he is named after Una's Dad. I think they are shortening it to be 'Samiu' (not sure if that is how they will spell it) which is pronounced 'Samoo'. He has lovely olive skin. It will be interesting to see if he gets darker as he gets older (which is often the case).

Bec looks fantastic (especially after such a long, hard labour), and seems really happy. Una is so excited to be a Dad and said he can't wait for him to grow up so he can take him fishing. They will be awesome parents.


  1. oh he is a darling ...will have to go see them soon ...What a proud dad Una looks....have the grandkids here till nest weekend but i might get to slip out tomorrow...

  2. Definitely a real cutie. Looks like tired but happy parents.

  3. oh what a beautiful picture, Bec with a family. It brings tears to my eyes, special & I'm starting to feel old now. Carol O


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