Monday, 27 April 2009

Helping Mum

This little monkey loved getting into the fridge today.

He was all smiles as he could get in the fridge and not have me drag him away as I was cleaning it out. I hope he loves cleaning out the fridge just as much in another 15 years or so.


  1. Such a cute little helper!!!

  2. so cute is that he knows how to open that fridge there will be no stopping him...good to see you all today at the shop...i think i freaked Harri out as i was not where i should be church!!!!

  3. such a cute and happy helper

  4. I see he has his eyes (and hands) on Noah's nebs. Good thing it has a child proof lid! (Sometimes Alison proof too!)

    He is too cute.

    I also see your free Big Ms from the football. Devin got some too. :)

  5. haha good to see he knows where the most important part of the house is ...ALREADY!!


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