Saturday, 11 April 2009

Waiting for Easter Bunny

The boys are so excited about Easter Bunny coming tonight. As if the boys haven't had enough chocolate already! Yesterday they got chocolate from Grandma and Grandpa, today from Nanna and Pa and then tonight from Easter Bunny. Harri has been on a sugar high for two days already!

Today Kobe was given a big chocolate bunny from Aaron's Dad and Step Mum, and bit into it straight away! Once he hit the chocolate he didn't like it at all and kept spitting it out. All the more for me :D

He was such a cute little bunny today.

Noah is such a good sharer of his eggs as well. Lucky for me he is totally tube fed, and Aaron is on a wheat and dairy free diet for another few months. I'll have to do a lot of extra gym sessions once school goes back!

Jalen has been asking the last few days if Easter Bunny is real, as he couldn't see how a bunny could carry all those eggs all the way around the world. I asked him what he thought and he said 'I half think it's Easter Bunny and half thinks it's the parents'. He said he was going to look for the eggs, and I told him that of course it is Easter Bunny as if there was any chocolate hiding in the house I would've eaten it already!! ;D


  1. Oh Lisa - was Kobe swapped at the hospital - it must be a mistake - how can he not like chocolate!??? I bet you sent Marlo a BIG thank you for keeping Aaron off chocolate! Nice call with the "as if you'd have chocolate in the house and not eat it" ploy! May be Jalen's last year =:o{

  2. I think the boy is onto you!!!
    Where did you get Noah's and Kobe's ears from?

  3. Love all the bunny ears, so cute.

  4. Very cute photos. It was great to catch up on your blog Lisa. I have had trouble loading your blog lately so haven't been able to keep up with your posts. It's working today - Yay!! Happy Easter to you all.

  5. Mum - the ears came with a costume that was handed down from Jess Bailey. She loved it and grew out of it and thought Harri would appreciate it - which he does! :D


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