Saturday, 18 April 2009


Not only is this little man getting around the house more, he is also into everything - including the dishwasher! If the fridge or dishwasher is opened he quickly crawls over as fast as he can so he can literally get into it before we shut it up again!

He loves to pull out all the cutlery and throw them all over the floor. Hopefully he will be just as keen to deal with dirty dishes as he gets older!


  1. LOL, what a hilarious pic! He looks so innocent...."what? Me? I'm just helping!"

  2. Oh that drives me nuts with Alex too! Hopefully they'll both grow out of it soon.

  3. Who cares about the dishwasher. It's those pjs I can't get over. They are THE cutest thing ever. Not long now til D Day back at the gym.... no laughing please!!

  4. Alex and Kelsea have a fascination with the dishwasher also.
    I have had Kels and Maddie help me unpack the dishwasher and put things away, and they know exactly where everything goes.
    Better than their grandfather.
    He does look so innocent though, doesn,t he.
    He sure is a cutie.
    Love Mum.

  5. Kobe is such a cutie!!! Love the grin.

  6. At least you have a dishwasher!!

  7. He seriously is the cutest, cheekiest little man! And I'm with Simone, those pjs are CUTE!


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