Saturday, 25 April 2009

Lest We Forget

After a very rainy day yesterday, the skies cleared up this morning and it turned out to be a beautiful ANZAC Day at Deloraine. We were so happy as we really wanted to go out to watch Pop march. Every year we say it may be his last, and every year he is back again. It was so nice to see Tim driving him on his scooter this year. Tim was pointing out to Pop people that he knew as he went past and Pop gave us all a wave. He looked so proud and emotional which made me feel a bit emotional as well.

The boys loved watching the march. Jalen really understands what it is about now so it meant a lot to him this year. Noah was wide awake for it which was nice.

It's always a special day to see Pop march and to remember those who died and fought for our country, and it's always a nice day to catch up with friends and family too. We missed having Eden and Steph and the kids there and especially missed Chrish as we were hoping he would be well enough to come down by now.

Nan was out for the morning in an electric wheelchair. She was so happy to see everyone and looked great. She kept wanting to hold everyone's hands as we talked to her. It was so nice to see BJ holding her hand as she watched the march.

The boys love playing in the fountain at Deloraine - especially as it always seems to have bubbles in it!

Harri was very wet by the end of the it!

I'm so glad that we get to take our boys out to see Pop march every year. They don't know Pop how I remember him growing up when he was a lot more active, but they still know that he is very special and it's nice that they get to go and see him march and remember what he has done for us.


  1. Nice blog Marge. I was a little emotional today wishing I was down with everyone for it to see Pop. I'll have to see the pictures when I get the chance.

  2. I'm so glad the weather cleared up for you! Looks like you got some good pictures of your pop again too. That's lovely.

    (PS. BOMBERS Forever!)

  3. Fantastic photos again - love the one of your Pop! Also love the one of your Dad and Maddi and your Mum and Kobe!

  4. A great blog Lee.
    Love Mum.

  5. those photos are all really nice. lovely for your kids to watch their great-grandfather march.

  6. Wasn't it a glorious day! What special memories for you and your extended family :)

  7. why does that fountain always have bubbles in it? i have always found it kind of weird and does the local council guy go around and squirt some dishwashing liquid into it every now and then?


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