Wednesday, 29 April 2009

(A) cross country and around a lake

Punchbowl Primary School's grade 3-6 cross country was on today at Waverley Primary School. They have a good course for doing the cross country, so a lot of schools use it. Jalen was really excited about it and kept asking me if we were coming to watch. I told him of course we would and warned him that we may not get there and if we didn't it's only because Noah wasn't well or happy and has come home from school (last week we got a phone call to pick him up during the day as he wasn't happy at all). Jalen said that was okay (he is very understanding and patient with Noah), but then as he was about to leave to walk to school he says 'I will be sad if you aren't there Mum'. Talk about make you feel bad! I was pretty sure we would make it though and told Jalen that we would probably be there.

It wasn't Noah that was stopping us going - it was almost Kobe! The poor little man has the worse cold/flu and is miserable. His temp has been up and down all day and he hasn't wanted to eat or sleep, but just have cuddles all day. I decided to take him out anyway and although he wasn't himself it was probably a good thing to get out as he was quite happy to be out seeing all the kids -not that you can tell by this photo. He definitely isn't himself :(

As Jay was lining up before the start of the race I had a sense of deja vu from last year's race. He definitely isn't shy at all - he fell to the ground and started pumping out a few push ups just before the start (too much watching The Biggest Loser I think!).

The weather has turned very 'crisp' in the last week (putting it mildly!) but we are lucky that we are having frosty mornings and sunny days at the moment. It was the perfect day for a 1.2 km run.

Jay told me he had a strategy this year - he knew he wouldn't beat a lot of the boys who are very athletic, but he wanted to stay up with the main pack and pace himself so that he had some extra energy at the end. He did really well and didn't give up the whole time.

He cracked me up as he came closer to us. He saw us and that he was almost near the end and then started yelling like a mad man - he sounded like the tennis players at the Australian Open! On the way home I asked him what it was about and he said 'yeah.... just trying to psych them out a bit'!

He did great and caught up to a couple of runners at the end. He collapsed to the ground at the end (he likes to over dramatise things!) and later said 'I'm so puffed - I need a drink'. Harri obviously heard it and then says 'I'm pumped too Mum - I need a drink'. He cracks me up.


  1. Your boys are a crack up!! This brought back some great cross country memories for me - I used to Love cross country - and heading off to other schools to do it. Jay really is growing up!

  2. Way to go Jay.
    Lisa your boys are just too funny.

  3. wow... I think I remember your cross country blog from last year...


    its around again :)

    hahaha I loved the old cross countires in primary school... we ran around waverly lake, and it felt like a marathon :D

  4. Go Jay! He is so funny doing his puch-ups. Harri you legend. Hope Kobe gets better soon - can't believe it's only a month till he's one!

  5. Jay is a crackup with his pushups! He'll be out to impress the girls at the High School Cross Countries in a few years time!

  6. Reminds me of a long lancky girl, running her heart out in days gone past, and her sister and brothers.
    Poor little Kobe doesn't look like his usual smiley self.
    Love Mum.


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