Monday, 13 April 2009


For ages we have talked about taking the boys down to Richmond to the wildlife park - Zoodoo. We had heard it is really good and that they had native animals as well as tigers and lions. Last night we looked up the website and made a spur of the moment decision to go today - if Noah woke up happy and well. He has been really settled the last week, so we thought we should make the most of it. It was a two hour drive so we were hoping it was going to be worth the trip.

There was lots for the boys to see and do. It starts off with an animal nursery.

It included a pig with her cute piglets, birds including a cockatoo that talked, rabbits, guinea pigs, baby alpacas and rats.

Harri was the biggest shock of the day! He absolutely loved touching all the animals! The only time he freaked out was when a deer came charging up to him when he saw he had food.

There are different sections including a native animal section, the lions and tigers and also agricultural animals.

Aaron was hanging out to see the lions and tigers and spent ages there watching them.

We were there during one of the lion feeding times.

It was awesome to watch them spring to life as they saw their food coming out.

Both the lions have been bred in captivity and are therefore pretty tame. The younger of the two (the smallest one) actually starred in George of the Jungle.

Kobe was his usual self - charming everyone during the lion feeding. He was sick of sitting in his pram so we got him out and he just smiled at everyone. A lady ended up picking him up and having a cuddle. I was worried she wasn't going to give him back!

After watching the lion feeding we went on the safari bus. It was so fun! Here we are patiently waiting at the station for the bus to come (or not so patiently waiting in the case of Harri and Jay!).

It was a 2o minute safari which took you around different paddocks. Everyone got a bag of food to feed the animals along the way. The scariest place was when we went in with the emus!

They came right up to the bus and would peck the food right out of your hands - bag and all! The boys thought it was hilarious and were squealing and laughing at the same time (and so was I!).

When we went into the paddock with the camels the guy walks up and down the middle of the bus with a big bucket of food, so the camels put their heads right in to get it!

They were so tame and were quite happy for you to touch them.

We all got off for a quick stop during the safari and fed all the farm animals. Jay loved it, but Harri decided he wasn't too keen on the farm animals and stayed on the bus with Aaron and Noah.

The boys loved that they had swings to ride on and also a jumping castle. When I asked Harri what the best bit about the day was he said 'the swings and the safari with the emus'.

We finished off by looking at all the native animals which you were also allowed to feed. Jay was excited to see a Tassie Devil.

Before we left Richmond we had to take the boys to see the oldest bridge in Australia. I couldn't believe how many people were there!! Richmond was buzzing and there were at least 50 or more people hanging out at the bridge having picnics and taking photos. We had a great time and were glad we made the trip down.


  1. Looks like it was well worth the trip. I bet the boys loved it. I hope Noah is happy still.

  2. What a great place - I've often wondered what it is like. Is it reasonably priced? I love Tigers so it would be worth it just to see them! I can understand why people want to cuddle your boys - they are all too cute! (excluding the biggest one of course!!!)

  3. Kylie - it is $18 for adults and $10 for kids. Well priced considering the Tasmania Zoo is same price and not even half as good. It really is just a little farm turned into a wildlife park so it is nothing flash, but it has lots to see and the safari was fun and having the lions and tigers there was cool. Aaron spent ages watching them and the boys were happy to ride on the swings (which were also free) while we were waiting for him.

  4. glad you enjoyed the day the pressure was on!! haha...i LOVE safari..the first time i went with ysa we all FRIEKED out..haha awesome stuff!!

  5. looks like heaps of fun. there is a lot of testosterone in your family - i have never noticed it before i saw that photo of all of the boys on/in front of the tiger! you are out-numbered big time!!

    old macs farm ended up being closed for winter - lucky i called before we headed out there! oscar was set to see some animals so we went to trowunna. it was okay but really overgrown and not a lot to see. feeding the kangaroos got a thumbs up from oscar though so everyone was happy!

  6. 1st I noticed Kobe's hair.....enough said.
    2nd I think I will have to take poor Tracey to the wildlife park, so Harri will like her.
    I have been wondering about that place when I saw it advertised on telly, when they got the tigers.
    I love the big cats.
    When we went to Steve Irwin's zoo in Queensland, I stayed at the tiger enclosure most of the time.
    They are really tame, and they have a pool and a glass wall wher they swim underwater, and come right up to the glass and look at you.
    It's unbelievable how huge they are.
    Remember the white tigers at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, and your dad wouldn't take us to see the show?
    As usual the weather was perfect again.
    Love Mum.

  7. Never been to Zoo Doo but heard lots of good things... glad to hear you guys enjoyed it too. Richmond is such a nice place - especially on a good weather day.
    Very cute pics!

  8. Hi Lisa,

    We went to Zoo Doo several years ago and was wondering if it was still as good as we remember looks like it is improved even. Do they still have the Koala's I was thinking of taking Mary & family when they come down next week and wondering about it was thrilled to see it on your blog has answered all my questions

  9. Hi 'anonymous'! I have no idea who it is - but am thinking maybe Flic??
    They had a place for a Koala but I don't think there was any koala actually there - unless he was hiding REALLY well in the gum leaves! :)

  10. i love that place, especially the safari fun, even for grown ups. glad you made the trip down there and enjoyed it.


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