Thursday, 16 April 2009

Our Caving Adventure

Being Easter holidays and having a week off school, we thought we would save up some of our In Home Support hours for Noah, and have Di come for a big block of time on one day. It's so hard to do very much in a few hours so we thought we would have a whole day where we could do something with the boys that we usually couldn't do when Noah is with us. We thought that going to the Marakoopa Caves would be good as we knew its somewhere we could never take the wheelchair.

We arranged with Nicki and the kids and Mum and Dad to meet us there so we could all go together, but it was obviously a popular choice of activities on the school holidays, as the tour we went to was booked out before Mum, Dad and Nicki could buy tickets. We couldn't wait till the next tour as we had to get back to Noah, so we had to go ahead without them as the next tour wouldn't usually be for another hour.

The weather has turned freezing very quickly (only two days ago I was wearing shorts!), so we rugged up thinking it was going to be extra freezing in the cave. It has also been pouring all morning.

It actually seemed warmer in the cave, as the wind wasn't blowing like it was outside. Harri wasn't sure about it at first and kept asking 'this is going to be scary?'. We kept playing it down saying 'no - it's an adventure! We are going to go and find the treasure', and then he would look really excited and say 'are we going to bring it home!?'. Once he saw how pretty it was inside he was quite happy, as long as he was holding onto someone's hand or the rail.

Every now and then he would yell out 'are you scared Jalen!?', and Jay would say 'nah' and then Harri would be like 'I'm not either'. I'm sure if Jay was though it would've been another story.

We did the cathedral tour which is over 250 steps up. Harri counted pretty much all of the steps on the way up - from one stop to the next. At one stage everyone was giggling as he kept saying '26, 27...'. The tour guide said he hadn't counted how many steps there were and I said 'supposedly there are 27' and Harri was very proud that he was counting them for him.

At the end the tour guide turned off the lights so it was pitch black and asks if anyone wants to sing. Of course no one volunteered so the tour guide broke out in this song that echoed right around the cave. Kobe was way overtired by now and grizzling which was also echoing around the cave. We got him out of the pouch and by the time we got outside he was sound asleep in my arms.

When we got out it was still raining. It was nice to know we could still spend some time 'outdoors' even though the weather wasn't great.

On the way out we passed the tour that Mum, Dad and Nicki and the kids were on. They scheduled an extra tour half an hour after ours,as there were so many that missed out on the one we went on. The boys were so excited to see them, so we sat in the van and waited for them to come out. We couldn't stop laughing at Dad's 'hat'. We weren't sure really what it was - but it looked hilarious.

Poor Nicki had 'little' Alex fall asleep on her in the cave as well, and he is way bigger than Kobe so I'm sure her arms were killing her - especially as she is so skinny now! :D

We don't like leaving Noah out of family things, but it was one of those things that we would never get to do with him anyway. It was really nice to do something different with the boys and know that Noah was dry and warm at home.


  1. I think it was more like a thousand steps, and mu legs are going to feel it tomorrow.
    Maddie was really good, but you had to hold her hand the whole time.
    I ended up carrying her up a few steps, not because she was complaining, but they are steep steps for a little girl.
    I told her to look for the fairies, and she was quite content with that.
    Your father wasn't much of a help, and Alex wasn't to sure about it if he couldn't see Nicki.
    He loved it, and was all smiles.
    Your father lost Alex's gumboots twice, but we had them returned to us.
    Nicki carried him most of the way, and when they turned the lights off, he snuuggled into her and went to sleep like Kobe.
    If only it could have been me!
    I had that stomach wog again, and after we got into the car, I had to yell to stop, and bailed out, and ran to the back of the car and promptly vomited.
    Then I realized I was sucking in all the exhaust fumes from the car.
    When I got back in the car, Maddie promptly announced that Grandma, did one big vomit.
    We weny to the Honey Shop in Mole Creek, and went around and sampled all the honeys.
    There are so many different ones,
    I think Maddie and Alex thought that was the best part of teh day.
    We want to go to the Salmon Farm next.
    How did Noah go at the dentist?
    Love Mum.

  2. So cute Harry yelling out 'are you scared yet Jay?' lol Caves are a little scary in some ways... but so cool really aren't they!!

  3. Wow Mum - that was the longest comment ever! Wish we could've come to the honey factory- next time :D
    The dentist said Noah is actually teething (a 6 year old molar is coming through) and that the blue, swollen gum is actually a cyst where the tooth is coming up and is normal but can be painful. Its looking a bit better today. They said just keep putting bonjella on it.

  4. How funny is your Mum's comment! Looks like a great trip. Sorry to hear about poor Noah's teeth!

  5. I would of been scared too, if I had the tour guide that you guys had!

  6. Yep, he looked like a crabby guts didn't he??
    Love Mum.

  7. What does D: mean at the end of a sentence?
    Love Mum.

  8. haha LOVE the hat...great caves hey!

  9. I love those caves and hate it when they turn the lights off and you are in total thick darkness ... i thought of the BOM people when they had those days of pitch blackness when they couldnt see their hand in front of them ..but it is only a few minutes for us in the caves....wonder if that is what it was like for them???? Scary hey Harri??? ...but at least we know the lights will come back on again!!!!
    Gotta love that hat..reminds me of something Dr Suse's Cat in the Hat would wear..LOL
    "You go L" girls have a lot to say when it comes to having time with the grandkids...
    Poor Noah...that bonjella sure has been around for a lotta years now and still doing its job well..."when your on a good thing ..stick to it"..No that was Mortein fly spray wasn't it L????LOL

  10. Mum - if you look at it - :D on the side it is a big smiley face - the : are the eyes and the D is the smile.


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