Friday, 24 April 2009

Big Day At School

Today all four boys had a big day at school. Harri, Kobe and I went along to watch Jalen who was speaking and sharing some work in assembly. He said he was very nervous when he spoke, but you couldn't tell.

His class have been doing a unit on Egypt which he has loved. He shared his painting of Tutankhamen.

It was a great assembly to go to as Noah also received a certificate for being a 'special and valued class member'. Noah was totally excited about it (not!) and slept right through! His teacher said 'Noah is having a little sleep at the moment, but I bet when he wakes up he will be really excited when we show him he got a certificate'. The kids had a little laugh.

In the afternoon Harri, Kobe and I went up to the Kinder to their Kickstart session. It was a music session so I thought we should make a special effort to go (despite the rain) as Kobe hadn't been to a music session before and I thought he would love it. He did love it and was so excited by all the singing.

He especially loved the 'peekaboo' song and would hide himself under the fabric and then come out with the cheekiest grin.

He loved being at school and being able to actually stay and play with all the toys. He cries whenever we drop the boys off as he wants to get down and play.

The aide was saying how you when you see families come through with numerous kids, the last child is always so well adjusted as they are so used to coming up to school all the time. I told them they were more than welcome to take Kobe next year :) I'm sure he would love it!


  1. A unit on Egypt would be fantastic! Did they get to mummify anyone?! I love Kobe's shoes, or should I say Jay's shoes! They've done well.

  2. Nice spotting of the shoes Noodles! They have done well - very scuffed in the front now, but I guess you get that after going through 4 boys! :) Lucky we can keep passing them down.

  3. way to go Jay, your painting looks great.
    Sure looks like Kobe had a great time. adorable pictures


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