Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My Brothers, The Builders

Last week I was the lucky recipient of a practice massage from Aunty Deidre. She has to do a certain amount of hours of massages for her course she is doing, so I quickly put up my hand to help her out! :D

While I was laying there having a great massage, my brothers were outside working hard on the extension on Uncle Kim and Aunty Deidre's house. Jared has recently started working with Eden and will be finishing off his apprenticeship with him.

It's so cool seeing them work together. I still find it hard to believe that they can actually build houses even though I see it happening.

Its so strange seeing Nan and Pop's old house look totally different.

Maybe one day I'll have some rich, generous person donate me a lovely flat block with a view and my awesome brothers will build a house for me ;) or else I'll keep on dreaming!


  1. Eden looks like the spitting image of his Uncle Bill!!!!!

  2. It is cool to see how fast the houses can go up. Jared said he was heaps happier working with Eden i am so glad for them both!

  3. I think I'm adopted. My sisters are teachers and my brothers are builders. Where does a truckie fit in?

  4. Keep dreaming Lisa - you never know - or you could always buy the murder house and flatten it - I'm sure it's going cheap!!!

  5. I'll keep on dreaming with ya. One day eh?

  6. Hey i an married to the guy who draws all the plans they follow to build those gorgeous new houses and i am still dreaming...so stand in line behind me you lot...i reckon "my box" (you knnow the one they build for you that fits in the 6 foot deep trench....does that have to have a plan??? LOL


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