Friday, 24 April 2009

Not So Fab Friday

After school today we headed off to Aurora to the Hawks Fab Friday. It was exactly like the last Fab Friday - washed out by rain!
The boys didn't care as they got to see Hawka who they think is just about as good as any of the Hawks players!
They also got to have a sausage or two from the sausage sizzle, ran around with Patrick and Lauren and Harri also got his face painted. I tried to talk him into some Hawks stripes like a lot of the other kids were getting, but he thought Spiderman was more the go. That was until it was finished and then all of a sudden he says 'I've changed my mind!!'. Too late Harri!
The Hawks trained for about half an hour in the drizzle which Aaron loved watching.

Jalen was spotting all the different players with their numbers and was especially excited when he spotted Buddy.
The plan was that the players were going to sign autographs after training, but the rain got heavier so they ended up canceling it. The boys didn't mind as they have seen them so often and were just happy to watch them train and be a part of the atmosphere before the ANZAC game tomorrow.

I'm actually looking forward to it too tomorrow as Di is coming to look after Noah and Kobe for us so that I can go this time!!! I won't know what to do with myself :)


  1. Great photo of Roughie. Let's hope the rain stops before tomorrow night.
    Bring Noah's electric blanket and an extension cord!

  2. Devoted fans! Yeah I really hope the rain stops. I'm excited as. I've been hoping the week would speed up all week!


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