Friday, 10 April 2009

Our Good Friday

This morning we went out to have brunch for Good Friday at Mum and Dad's. The boys were so excited to have a mix of breakfast and lunch as they hadn't heard of brunch before. They were even more excited when we told them we would be having pancakes!

We always stir Mum and Dad about how big their house is for two people, but when we are all there it seems so much smaller. There is never enough room for everyone to sit around the table(s). Dad was stuck on one side, so we all had a great laugh when he decided to crawl under the table to get out - especially when 'big' Alex (not so big anymore!) blocked his way on purpose.

Grandma had arranged a special treasure hunt inside for the kids with clues which they loved. They were all so excited to get their Easter presents from Grandma and Grandpa.

The morning ended off with the good old Easter egg hunt for the kids. They were so excited - especially Harri. I think he has had way too much chocolate already! He was in tears when 'little' Alex stole a tiny egg from his basket.

Noah did well and found a few eggs on his way around the garden ;)

Chloe was so cute with her little basket that Steph had made for her.

During the week Mum had made all the girls little tutu's. They were so cute and the girls loved them.

We desperately tried to get a decent photo of Mum and Dad with all the grand kids, and they weren't cooperating very much! At least they are all in it together.

On the way home we dropped into see Nan and Pop who are now living in Grenoch (an aged care facility or 'old folks home' as Jalen called it on the way there). Nan's face and eyes lit up as soon as we walked in. She was so much better than last time we saw her. She was mumbling stuff to us and hard to understand but we could work out what she was telling us.

She kept wanting to give the boys lots of kisses. Jay was so lovely to Nan and Pop. We both told him on the way out how proud we were of him- he just wasn't nervous or embarrassed at all and just gave them big hugs and kisses and said 'it's nice to see you Nan, how are you feeling?' and 'look after yourselves' without us prompting him. On the way out he said 'I feel so happy and bright about visiting them'. On the way home he kept talking about how some people make fun of old people, but we are all going to be old one day and we should be nice to them because they are very special people. It was really nice to hear.

Nan loved having Noah up on the bed with her. It was nice to see them back together again, even though they aren't at home where they wish they could be. It must be so hard getting older and not being able to do the things that your mind wants to. Pop is looking forward to the ANZAC march again this year, and said that Nan is hoping she might be able to get out for it as well.


  1. What a great day you all had and fantastic weather too! Isn't it amazing how kids can be so natural, open and honest in situations where we adults feel unsure or uncomfortable? Jalen is such a lovely, thoughtful boy!

  2. I'm very proud of Jae.
    Wasn't the weather just beautiful?
    There will be some very cranky kids tonight.

  3. oooh I LOVE brunch!! especially when there is Waffles...wish my mum would organise an Easter egg hunt!!

  4. What a lovely day for you all! The weather was magical today wasn't it?
    That's great that the kids were so at ease visiting your Nan and Pop. Looked like a very special time.

  5. Wow our family Easter gathering is so boring compared to yours. We like get together and go like, "here's your egg". The other person goes like, "gee thanks man". Maybe we should make it a bit more exciting. It certainly looked like a really fun day.

  6. Looks like a lovely brunch, Nice weather, easter eggs, good food and family... what more could you ask for!
    Jay sounds like a very caring little boy.

  7. Lisa i love the pic of your mum with the two girls...that is such a happy Lorraine pic...what an awesome good Friday you all had ...such a great Family Day....hope that Easter Bunny doesnt lose his way from China (Darby just told me that is where he is right now...she has been stalling the going to bed thing all night) Love having my family here too.


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