Thursday, 23 April 2009

I wish to be....

Last week was Make a Wish' official Wish Day where they sell merchandise and have a campaign to raise awareness and money. Ever since Noah was granted his wish we have been trying to help raise awareness for them in different ways.

Aaron is the Prefect coordinator again at his school this year, and they regularly raise money for different charities. Make a Wish was one of the charities they decided to support again this year, so Aaron volunteered to make a speech in assembly earlier in the week to let them know more about the organisation and to talk about Noah and his wish. He said as soon as he started to talk he choked up, which of course started off a lot of the students and staff.

Today was 'I wish to be' day at school and the students were encouraged to dress up as something they wish to be, and to either buy some merchandise or to donate money to Make a Wish. Some of the kids really went out of their way to dress up and looked great.

Aaron of course wishes for nothing else than to be a Hawthorn footy player, so he went in his gear today - long socks and all!

Aaron was so excited that they raised over $1040 for Make a Wish. He said so many of the students came up to him and said that he made them cry and lots were really touched and donated a lot of money. He said some students even asked if they could bring some next week after they had been paid. It obviously meant a lot to them to hear a personal story and how much it means to the family and child with the life threatening illness to receive such a special wish.

Today we also got a phone call from Wendy who was one of the volunteers who worked on Noah's wish. It was such a coincidence that she rang and the school was raising money for them at the same time, but she wanted to know whether Noah would like to go for a ride in a Targa car on Saturday! Saturday is a very busy day for us, so unfortunately we won't be able to fit it in, but it's nice to know that they think of him still - three years after his wish was granted.


  1. We are planning to take our chairs up to Eden's(he doesn't know yet)
    Targa are going right past his house again this year, and they are shutting the road down again for a few hours,will take my camera ans see if I can get some good action shots.
    That was really good about the kids at Kings Meadows.
    Another place named after you.
    Mr. King from Kings Meadows, and Lorraine from Deloraine.
    Yep I should be in bed.
    I'm getting a bit silly here.
    Love Mum.

  2. Wow - you are writing that book aren't you Lisa?? You are both an inspiration to us all - and inspiring teenagers is so hard to do, so well done to Aaron!

  3. You deserve it all and are a wonderfully special,loving, caring parents and family...and Noah is so blessed to be part of such a wonderful family...extended included)...MMMMMWWWAAAHH..thats my kiss Noah..ive missed a few i know...


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