Monday, 6 April 2009

The Naked Penguin

Today Harri, Kobe and I went along to a performance at Noah's school. It was by an Australian author - Kym Lardner. I had never heard of him before, until I saw on Blanche's blog last week that he had gone to her kids' school for a performance.

He was very funny and a lot of the jokes went over the kids heads (only because of their disabilities), but he had some of the brighter kids cracking up as well as the adults. He started off by singing a song and would use some of the kids names in the song. He had a lot of trouble trying to find something to rhyme with 'Noah'.

He got a couple of kids up and would draw pictures of them, while telling a story about what was happening to them in the picture. The kids loved it.

Harri was really into it while he was doing the drawings.

He also told stories, and got some of the kids in the audience to come up and help out with the acting. Both of the kids he chose had Downs Syndrome and were so cute. During the second story he looked at Harri and asked him how old he was. Harri told him he was four and he asked him to come up the front. He was telling a story about when he was three years old, and wanted Harri to show him how tall he would've been when he was three. Harri thought it was great being up the front.

Noah was awake and alert for most of the performance which was nice.

After the show he went and met lots of the kids, and kept singing to them.

He said during the show that his latest book called 'The Naked Penguin' was a story about a penguin who was different because he didn't look like the other penguins. He said it would be a great book for the school as the kids at the school are also considered to be different than most kids. His son actually illustrated it. I will have to go and see if I can find it for the boys.


  1. What a star that Harri is! Saw your van at Noah's school when we were walking this morning- should have dropped in instead of making the long climb back up Punchbowl Road hill on the top side!!!

    We will look out for that book too!

  2. He's great isn't he? I just bought The Naked Penguin for Charlotte. It's a lovely story and the illustrations are fabulous. Your kids would love the CD's because all you have to do is listen and your imagination does the rest.

  3. Yeah, he's awesome! When I was on one of my pracs he came to the school I was at and after school he popped into my classroom and drew some BIG dinosaurs on the wall in permanent marker... very cool and very funny!


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