Friday, 17 April 2009

Clever Boy

The last few weeks Kobe has started to stand on his own and has even taken a few little steps between furniture and also between Aaron and I. This was him tonight - chucking a wobbly because I kept making him stand for a photo! Sometimes he knows he is being clever and will throw his arms in the air while he is doing it, with the biggest grin on his face and will then fall down.

It started by him using his little fisher price walker.. The only trouble is he knows how to walk with it, and how to run it into walls (or Noah if he is in the path!), but he doesn't know how to turn it, so he gets very frustrated when he hits a dead end.

He much prefers us to hold his hand and walk him around the house.

He's lucky he has got two big brothers who can also help walk him around.


  1. No way he is not ready to walk!! How can that time have gone so quick. Wasn't it just yesterday you were telling me to hurry up and be prego so we could have our babies close together??

  2. I can't believe it either - I think you've got a hothouse kid on your hands with Kobe!

  3. Oh no ! Sit down Kobe!! He's your baby - what will you do now he's growing up so fast???

  4. What a clever little man! They sure do grow up too fast :)

  5. Go, go Kobester, clever little man!!
    Love Grandma.

  6. oh man, a couple of weeks and he will be off! You know I talked to the people in your street. She is Lucy King! So funny hey. She wasnt home but I gave my story to the dude and hope that when "Lucy" gets home that she remembers your envelope! So funny!!!!

  7. wow, he's walking already?
    Thats gone so fast!!!
    I bet your boys are loving him even more now he gets about and can interact with them!!!

  8. Oh he looks so proud of himself! I guess it's kind of sad your baby is growing up.

  9. I can't tell if he's laughing or crying in that first pic, but he sure looks like Noah! Of course, Noah is my favorite King, (don't tell St. Giles; remember how I'm not supposed to have favorites? lol) but, Kobe is such a little trouper the way he's practically running around! He's so clever!


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