Saturday, 25 April 2009

Maddi's 3rd Birthday

Aaron said this morning 'what kind of a person has their birthday on ANZAC day!?'. Maddi does! Today was Maddi's 3rd birthday. Aaron finds it inconvenient that Maddi decided to arrive on ANZAC day as it cuts into football watching time, but of course we love celebrating the day with Maddi and football takes a backseat (at least for a few hours!) so we can help share her special day.

Nicki and Alex decided to book the bike centre for Maddi's birthday this year, even though they hadn't been there before. We told them how great it was and I don't think they were disappointed at all. We were lucky that the rain held off long enough so we could enjoy her party there.

Alex cooked up some sausages and of course there was lots of yummy party food. Nicki and Alex were very thoughtful and made Aaron some gluten and dairy free brownies, and also got some gluten free sausages. Aaron was loving it as often when we are out now he can't eat much, but he had more than his fair share of brownies!

The kids had a great time riding around and also playing in the playground. Maddi and Kelsea went around knocking on all the 'doors' to see if anyone was home. Maddi was so cute saying 'anyone home?', I asked her if they were home and she said 'yes, they are on the toilet!'.

The big kids also had fun doing burn outs in the puddles on the bikes! Boys!

We decided to take down our Wiggles pull out sofa for Noah to lay out on which worked well as he decided to sleep the whole time.

Little Alex was loving getting into all the puddles. He was drenched by the end of the party and needed to come to our house to get a change of clothes.

Aaron and I were saying what a good baby Kobe is. He just crawled around (and also got very dirty and wet!), but was happy just checking things out and seeing everyone.

Nicki had made Maddi an awesome 'little mermaid' cake which Maddi had requested. It looked so cool - with 'sand' and all on the top, and fish around the sides. Maddi loved it. She kept picking off the fish and I said 'you aren't taking those fish off are you Maddi?' and her answer was 'yes - it's my cake!'. She is so cute. As much as she loved the cake she seemed to love the party whistles even more!

Happy birthday Maddi! We love you lots, and can't believe you are three already.


  1. What a fantastic cake! It's amazing you weren't all asleep at the footy! Aaron - I make a pretty mean gluten free pavlova - no cream for you though but lots of fruit!

  2. All the kids enjoyed themselves, even the 'big ones'.
    The cake was great, and we should have just all have bought Maddie whistles, as she seemed to like them the best!!
    As for birthdays, who has theirs two days before Christmas?
    Love Mum.

  3. There is no football two days before Christmas!!!!!

  4. Hi Lisa. Looked like a great day. I didn't realise Aaron was gluten intolerant. What a bummer!

  5. Hi Mel
    Aaron is okay with wheat and gluten - it just causes eczema along with dairy. He is having a period of being off wheat and dairy to get rid of all the wheat and dairy proteins in his body and is having treatments from a biological medicine therapist and hopefully in a few months he can start eating them again and he will be okay and not have the eczema. That is the theory anyway. We have our fingers crossed that it will work.

  6. Thanks for organising the bike centre. It was a great place. You officially deemed as the family's event co-ordinatior!


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