Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Sick House

Last Friday I got a phone call from school, to say Noah was miserable and to come and pick him up. When I got there he was yelling away and not happy at all. He has been the same since then and hasn't been to school at all this week. It's so hard to tell with him what is the main problem, but it seems like he has a bit of a chest infection.

Lately the days for Noah has consisted of sleeping in till about lunch time. The great thing about having a PEG tube is that I can still give him his meds and feeds, even if he is asleep till lunch time.

He has been waking up for about half an hour, and having a cough and a cry and then going back to sleep on the lounge room floor. We have been using the suction machine flat out and Kobe just can't resist getting near it. It seems like anything he isn't supposed to touch at the moment, is the thing he wants to play with the most!

This morning at 5.30 am Jalen came into our bedroom and said he felt sick . Jay can often be quite dramatic, so I told him to have a drink and go back to bed. At 7 am he came running out crying, saying he was really sick. I gave him a bowl (just in case!) and told him to go and rest on the couch, as he wouldn't be going to school. He decided to put the bowl down on the floor in the middle of the room and then sat on the couch. Just as I was starting to say 'keep the bowl near you Jay' he vomits all over the couch and himself!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron very quickly left for school, and left me with a huge mess to clean up and a very unhappy boy! It looked like a war zone this morning - with boys laying around everywhere.

It was a long day. Jay spent most of the day in my bed, watching DVDs. Every half an hour to an hour I would hear a big 'Muuuuuuum!'. I would go in and he would hand me a bowl full of more spew (sorry - not the nicest topic!). At one stage I was doing something and out comes Jay saying 'look Mum' as he showed me his arm covered in spew. I asked him what happened and he burts into tears saying 'I spewed and was going to bring it out to you and I dropped it!' (yes - on my bed and all over my floor!).

In the meantime I'm trying to deal with Noah coughing and crying and needing lots of suctioning. I rang our friend Marlo (a biological medicine therapist) and asked her if we could come to see her after I picked up Aaron from work. She said she had no patients then so we went out. I wasn't sure if her treatment would work very quickly on Jalen as he was really sick.

He sat and had a treatment on her machine (a MORA) and the whole time he looked so pale, and was shaking. He was saying he had no energy and felt like he was going to vomit the whole time. After his treatment he wanted to go and have a sleep in the van. He stayed out there while the rest of us had a treatment and when we went to leave he was sitting up and feeling so much better!! I was amazed.

He was talking (he had been quiet all day) and had most of the colour back in his face and said he was hungry! He literally hadn't eaten all day, but just had sips of water all day. I asked him what he wanted to eat and he says 'McDonalds!'. It probably isn't the best choice after feeling so bad all day, but I was just happy he wanted to eat, so I agreed he could have some nuggets and juice. He ate very slowly when he got home, and so far so good :) I can't believe that the treatment worked as far as it did. We will see how he feels in the morning before we decided about school. He loves school so much and hates missing it. I said to him today that he may not go to school again tomorrow and Harri burst into tears and said 'but I want to go to school!'. He was happy when I told him that he could still go - unless he was sick. He told me he was 'sick' when he saw Jalen got a drink of lemonade out of it, but made a quick recovery when he realised he couldn't go to school if he was sick.

Hopefully by next week everyone will be back at school, and things can get back to normal (if there is such a thing in our house!).


  1. Oh dear......hope the boys are feeling better real soon! What a day!

  2. Poor Jay, hopefully Maccas makes him feel better! I thought he wasn't 100% on Sunday as he was resting inside and he said he was tired. He was definitely out of character, and not the usual bubbly Jay.

    Maddi keeps reminding me of when you were suctioning Noah and pretends to be you. Little Alex is Noah and she role plays.

    I bet Aaron was running out the door this morning!

  3. What a lucky mummy you were today :)
    Hope everyone is back to their happy healthy selves soon :)

  4. Yikes a crazy day all round there. I hate it when the kids spew on the bed as even once its cleaned, the smell lingers on. Hallie seems to be really good at maing it to the loo on time whereas Sarra is like Jay and lets it all out. So did you see any difference in Noah after Marlo treated him. Gee these chest infections certainly knock him about. I hope he is better soon. xx

  5. Oh Lisa you poor thing...I hope that is not what Hattie is coming down with...she has been here with us since last week and for the last two days she has been really lethargic and after my trip to Marlo(the magician)today she slept all the way back in the car.... fingers crossed... i am feeling for you and the boys and hoping all is better for you tomorrow.

  6. Nicki - Maddi is a crack up!! She should be a nurse one day.

    Simone - whenever Noah has a treatment from Marlo we 'roller' his chest and sinuses with this roller thing. It is supposed to help to bring out the toxins and get rid of any inflammation. If you roller a part and it comes up really red, it shows that that is where there is a lot of inflammation. Today Noah's chest went BRIGHT red straight away and his sinuses looked like he had an oxygen mask on with the tape that they put on and had it ripped off - his cheeks were so red after the rollering. It always seems to make it worse at first as it seems to really loosen things up and he coughs even more. Its a good thing though as it means its coming out.

    Nette - Marlo said you were out there today with Hattie. Hope she doesn't come down sick. Gastro is going around flat out at school - we have been lucky to avoid it till now.

  7. Wow - Marlo certainly was a great find. I hope Jalen and Noah are better today. I think the long weekend is coming just in time as everyone seems to be getting something. This silly weather doesn't help!

    The word verification in "fluer"!!!

  8. Hey Lisa,
    Sorry to hear that Noah and Jay are not feeling the best. I always use a bucket rather than a bowl as it has a handle on it to carry, that way no more spew on your bed! Hope everyone is feeling better soon. And hears hoping Jalen has kept his germs to himself.


  9. Poor Lisa, have you managed to keep the bugs at bay from yourself? Will had it two weeks ago and manged to infect both Ryan and I and amazingly not the girls! It's horrible cleaning spew. Hope they are all feeling better today, WOW McDonalds, Will was the same wanting food that was proberly not the best but I suppose it's a good sign.

  10. What can you say to all that???!!! Thinking of you and just glad we are not around to get the Gastro.... We have colds if that makes you feel a little better!!!! lol (Nothing is as bad a spew everywhere though!!!!!!!!)


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