Sunday, 29 March 2009

Young Women

Today I headed up to Burnie for our first official business in my new calling at church. Today was Burnie Branch Conference. Last week I was called to be 2nd counsellor in the Stake Young Women's Presidency. Sarah Parsons is the President and Toni is the 1st counsellor. I was really excited and happy when I was called - excited to be back in YW's and happy that I wasn't the President :) When Noah was born I was the Stake YW President and loved the calling. I was really sad to be released from it, but knew I couldn't really do it then as I had a lot to deal with at the time.

It's great to be back in there and I'm so excited about working with Sarah and Toni. I don't know Sarah very well, but from what I have already seen, she will be awesome. I'm feeling quite old though as both of them are younger than me. It was great to go up to Burnie and meet the awesome girls up there.

I'm not sure what Sarah thinks about working with Toni and I though! This photo cracks me up as Jaron caught Toni and I mid hair flick! Sarah is not looking impressed! :)

I brought home a box of old YW stuff for Sarah as it wouldn't fit in her car. Tonight I was having a look through it and came across and old journal that we had started when I was in Stake 8 years ago. It is so awesome to look back on! There were photos from camp and it is so cool seeing all the girls who are now all grown up - like Sacha, Fil, Toni, Collette, Mel and Nicki. The funniest thing is that Rob Rattray took the pics and is still the one taking all the pics and a lot of the leaders are still the same leaders now - including Jayne and Felicity! Some things never change!

I came across this photo of camp, which shows me holding Jalen (who was about 4 months old at the time). Boy have I gotten old in the last 8 years!

I'm looking forward to having lots of fun again and working with the new Stake YW presidency and the awesome Young Women and leaders in our stake.


  1. I could not stop laughing at that photo of the hair flicks. What a classic!

  2. That mid hair flick is funny as!!! Exciting about the new calling! Lucky YW I say!!

  3. Love the hair photo but the YWs camp one takes the cake...oHHHHH remember the river flats (thats were it was right)...i love that saying "Ghange is constant ...growth is Optional" growing older and wiser fits in there Lisa too remember.... you will be the best presidency...go to it!!!!

  4. Congratulations on your calling... You will make an awesome addition to the presidency!
    Looks like you 'boys' had a very fun, filled time in Melbourne too!
    When's your turn???

  5. WOWZERS blast from the past! you were awesome back then lis and will be awesome now! what a cool calling!

  6. Collette - some of the old photos from when you were in YW were classics!! Aaron said I looked 'young and spunky' so I guess he's saying I'm old and ugly now! :( There were some great ones of you there.

    Bride - I'm coming over to see Pink in July so that will be fun.

  7. You guys are all going to be fabulous in YW's. The girls are very blessed to have you. I loved serving in stake YW's in Tassie!

  8. Great to see you're already getting out and about with the new calling! I found myself in that picture and remember that camp well. It was awesome. The camps and conventions were always the best. Hope to see you in our ward more on visits.

  9. Ha ha what's with the hair flicking you two (perhaps in the genes). I'm sure Sarah and Toni and going to kill you! (Thta's if they didn't need your help for YWs!)

  10. eeew i was WAY dorky in YW's i can only imagine...haha...keep those ones to yourself;)


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