Friday, 13 March 2009

Swimming Carnival

Today was Punchbowl Primary School's swimming carnival. Jay opted to swim in the smaller pool again this year - along with about two thirds of the other kids. It was such a beautiful day - I heard it got to 29 degrees and I didn't even really feel it! Since the heat wave we had a while back 29 degrees feels more like 24 to me! Before I would be moaning about how hot it was, but I now know that hot is when you don't feel like moving or doing anything!

Harri and Kobe took the opportunity to have a splash as well. Kobe wanted to keep sitting down in it, but it would go right up to his mouth, so he would quickly stand back up with a big grin.

Harri loved that one of his friends from Kinder was also there 'watching' his brothers swim.

The kids were divided into their year groups and it was really just for fun. The races were freestyle (or doggy paddle if you chose!), backstroke and then kickboard.

There were never any more than five or six in a race but often only four, which meant you were very unlucky if you missed out on getting a ribbon.

I think Jalen was just a bit pumped to come first in the freestyle.

Celebrating his win!

You would think he had won the olympics the way he was celebrating!

He also got two thirds and was very excited about the whole day. The Examiner photographer snapped a photo of him during the kickboard race and asked him for his name and what grade he was in. He said it may be in on Tuesday, but isn't sure if they will run many of the photos as they wanted more 'sporty' moments rather than novelty events. We will wait and see.


  1. Well done Jalen - how great that the weather was perfect!

  2. Good job are a star.... Lisa a haven't been able to access your blog for the last few days ..(fixed the problem now...Yeah)you poor thing...i am glad in a way i am out of the state with that wog around down there...BUT i wsh i had of been there to help you guys...dont forget for next time ...promise

  3. Yep those Kings definitely aren't shy


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