Thursday, 26 March 2009


During the summer the oval at the boys school was redeveloped and is looking so nice - almost as good as Aurora Stadium! ;) Before it was a dry, patch of dirt and a little bit of dead grass. The School Association raised money to go towards the redevelopment of the oval and the school also received some funding for it. The school recently bought a new ride on mower to maintain it, and today the kids all participated in a 'Punchtathlon' where they were asked to get sponsors for. The class that raises the most money is awarded with a class party including a DVD of their choice, pizza, popcorn and drinks.

The kids were split into 12 groups and had to participate in 12 different activities, which ran over 2 hours. Jalen was in the white group (which I was a parent helper for) and Noah and Harri were in the burgandy group.

I actually really enjoyed helping out and had a great group to work with. Jay was 'lucky' to be put in the same group with his best friend Braydon. It's so funny seeing them together as Jalen is so tiny compared to him.

As the parent helper I had to rotate with white group around to each station. I was surprised as to how much I enjoyed getting back into the teacher roll and putting on my 'teacher voice'. The funniest thing was that I was actually surprised when the kids would stop and listen to me! I guess I haven't lost all my teaching skills just yet. I asked Jalen if he was embarrased having me there and telling his group what to do, but he said he loved it. Especially as it meant Kobe was also there.

Kobe loved watching everything going on, and especially loved all the kids were talking to him. One girl said 'he's so cute! I just want to bite his head off!'.

Jay and Noah's teachers always want to have a cuddle with Kobe, so when we were at Noah's teacher's activity, she quickly grabbed the opportunity for a cuddle.

The kids loved all the different activities. There was gymastics, obstacle courses, long jump, games, parachute, water relays, and egg and spoon races. I was amazed as to how confident Harri was! He didn't care at all that I wasn't working with his group and would just give me a little smile and a wave if I came to see what he was up to, and would then get back into what he was doing.

Noah was quite bored by it all! ;) I guess it's not the same for him as the other kids.

Kobe was happy to see him, although I don't think Noah was very impressed that he kept pulling at his face.

It was actually nice that Noah was awake for it! He came out for a little while with Di to check things out before going back in to get out of the wind.

Jalen is now hanging out to see if his class won the class party. Harri was just excited that he got to go in the 'punchlines-tathalon' (the school newsletter is called 'Punchlines'!).


  1. What a great day - I love that photo of Jalen and Kobe! Keep that "teacher's voice" tuned never know when you'll need it again!

  2. I love the things that they do at Punchbowl. It sounds like such an innovative school. Kobe certainly is a hit.

  3. GREAT pics. :D

    Of COURSE you still have a teacher voice ;)

    We can practice our teacher voices together. Hahahaha. I can just imagine Aaron. "You don't have a cool teacher voice like me, coz I'm the coolest teacher ever."

    That looks like such a fun time. Those kids look a bit like they're doing bootcamp! I told Noah he should come to bootcamp with me so that I could carry him around. That would be two birds with one stone; practicing picking him up and using him as my weights instead of the sa(tanic)ndbags!

    See you at 2:45!

  4. Love the shades Noah.... it looked like a fun packed day... all that sunshine and green grass...a great day by the looks

  5. I sent the boy's money in with your father.
    It looks like it was a real fun day.
    Love Mum.


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