Thursday, 12 March 2009

No Stomach Of Steel

At the moment there is gastro going around all of Tasmania. Last week Jalen got it, and then Aaron and Noah. Aaron went out for a treatment with Marlo on her MORA when he wasn't well, and I was telling her that I hardly ever get sick and must have a 'stomach of steel' as nothing ever really touches me like gastro. Boy did I speak too soon!

On Tuesday night Noah had really bad diarrhea. I was changing his nappy and started to feel sick, and thought it was because I just ate a little packet of twisties. I didn't think much of it until I went to bed and really started to feel like I was going to vomit. From 1am until about 8am I was up and down to the toilet all night - vomiting until there was nothing left to bring up :(

Aaron decided to take a carers day and stay home to help as Noah was still going to be home from school and there was no way I could look after him as well as Kobe and Harri. Aaron had to go up to school early to get out all his students books etc for the relief teacher, so he took Harri and Kobe with him. Supposedly school started and the relief teacher still hadn't shown up, so Aaron started to take his class - with the boys with him! Aaron said Kobe was the centre of attention with all the students oohing and aahing over him and wanting a hold.

I spent most of the morning sleeping as the nausea settled down for a while. It was nice knowing Aaron was dealing with the boys and he is great with them, but I couldn't help worrying about Noah all day. I kept asking him 'how's Noah? can you change his position? does he need suctioning? what's his poo like? (something we always talk about in our house!), has Noah had his feed, has Noah had his meds?'. I felt terrible as I really wanted to help him, but just felt so bad and couldn't. I was so bad I couldn't even really sit at the computer for more than a minute as my head was pounding and my body was aching. While I was in bed Kobe kept coming in, wanting me to play with him. He would grizzle until I would pick him up and put him on the bed with me. No doubt he will have it next.

When Kobe was born Marlo gave us this great little present of a homeopathic first aid kit. It has bottles of little pillules which are different remedies for different conditions. All day I was popping pills every half an hour. I'm sure they helped my tummy to settle down a lot. They actually taste really nice, so Harri wanted some as he said 'I'm sick too'. I told him that meant he couldn't go to school then and all of a sudden he felt better and didn't need any pills!

I was so glad Aaron could stay home - I don't know how I would have coped without him there. Mum happened to pop in while she was in town doing jobs, and it was nice to have her helping as well. Hopefully we haven't spread it back to her again as she has already had it.

By mid afternoon I was feeling a lot better and able to get out of bed, but by 6pm the nausea came back and my temp went right up and I was lying on the couch shivering and feeling like I was going to vomit. I felt so good (and hungry!) at tea time that I ended up eating but probably shouldn't have so early as it made me feel really sick again.

I went to bed early last night and woke up this morning happy that I slept most of the night and didn't even feel like vomiting! I'm feeling so much better today. Aaron said this morning that I was so bad yesterday he was thinking he would have to get onto LDS to find a new wife as I was looking so bad last night! Nice to know he cares!!! ;)


  1. Lisa you poor thing, so glad you are feeling better.

  2. Oh boy...what a day! Good to see it didn't affect your itchy camera trigger finger though :P
    Hope you're all back on your feet again soon!

  3. That Aaron is too funny! Gave me a chuckle!
    I am so sorry you have all been sick. Believe me, I can sympathize! You know the kids and my niece are passing strep throat back and forth. We are fortunate that Chrissy never got it before her surgery. Hope you feel much better soon! There is NOTHING worse than vomiting! YUCK!

  4. Sounds like a very nasty strain this year - I had it last Summer for the first time in years and hope to avoid it this year!

  5. Sorry to hear you were sick but glad to hear you are better :) I hope that Kobe and Harri have a stomach of steel a little stronger then yours! Sounds like everyone in the extended family has had this bug since family dinner except us...yet :)

  6. ohhh man...... so sorry Lisa! Lets hope Kobe stays well. And that I wasnt sitting toooo close to you on Sunday!!! he he.

  7. nice to know the camera isn't far away, even when you are spewing your guts out!

    i am dreading the gastro hitting our house...we haven't had it for years and i really, really don't want it!

    hope you are still feeling good today.

  8. you poor thing. it's horrible hey. lets hope it doesn't come back for a very long time.

  9. Aaron actually came in an took a photo of me in bed with my bowl next to me, looking absolutely terrible, but I looked so awful I wouldn't put it on my blog. Of course I kept the camera with me though :)

  10. Oh Lisa..... So unfortunately the gastro isn't just going around Tasmania but the United Kingdom as well!!!!!! HELP ME!!!! Glad Aaron had the day off and he knows about LDS though!!!

  11. It's scary how quickly these things spread! Did Aaron feel awful for giving it to you? It's good to see you then got out for your dinner with the girls. What a sicky couple of weeks you have had. I hope this week is alot less eventful. xx


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