Friday, 20 March 2009

The Destroyers

Tonight Jalen played his first game of basketball in the Under 10's league at the YMCA. This year the name of his team is 'the destroyers'! Sounds a bit vicious! We weren't sure how he was going to go and kept talking to him about how it was more 'serious' now, and how they have real rules and that a lot of the boys were probably going to be a lot bigger than him. The last two years it has been mainly learning the rules and having a bit of a 'game' at the end of practice, where they don't even score.

He surprised himself and us! He did really well and although he was one of the shortest boys there he played really well.

Aaron is funny as there is a boy on the team who's dad works for Hawthorn and used to play with them. Aaron keeps telling Jay to be friends with him! :) They actually get along really well and know each other from last year, so it's nice they are on the same team this year.

Kobe was also very impressed with the whole thing - he kept clapping the whole time.

He loved having a crawl around at half time.

Harri gave Jay a big hug as he came off at half time. It must have spurred him on as he got 5 goals and was very pleased with himself. Jalen said on the way home that he is really excited about playing basketball this year. Harri is looking forward to being able to start next year after watching Jalen play the last few years. I'm glad that they both want to play basketball as it's something that I grew up doing and loved too.


  1. Way to go Jay! I must say he's my nephew!

  2. Wow looks like he did very well!!
    Must take after his Mum!
    I remember that you were a keen basketballer. Do you still play?

  3. Great Job Jay, looks like fun.

  4. way to go Jay! Lisa, where did your update thing go on the side!! What will I do now! That's how I used to do my blog checking!! he he! Ill survive!

  5. Chels - sometimes the blogroll just magically disappears, but then it reappears later! Its strange - back now.

    Bride - yeah I used to love it and would still play except I'm too old and tired at that time of night to go out yet - getting lazy! I played up until last year.

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for the Birthday wishes. I will email you at work on Monday. Do you play in a basketball team with Kate Reed ? She is trying to get me to play, been a while but am still keen X

  7. Congratulations on the New call into Stake YW's Lisa....that has to be the best calling....Tell Jay tha ti think he should stick to basketball... his father only wants him to be a bounty hunter at Aurora Stadium during the football matches with the Hawks and the Tigers.... LOL(ask Aaron about that one)

  8. Definitely takes after his Mum. I would hate ot have played against you esp all those rebounds you always get.

  9. A big congratulations Jae, you're going to be just like your Mum!!!
    Lots of love Grandma.


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