Friday, 20 March 2009

Noah's New Carer

Yesterday Noah's carer Angie, worked her last time with him. She has started a reflexology course which runs all year, which means she isn't able to work with him any more. It's always hard finding a new carer as you need someone that you know will be comfortable around Noah as well as someone that you will be comfortable having around the house. Today I spoke to another Child Studies class at Aaron's school, and was telling them how we have In Home Support for 8 hours a week which is a big help, but it can also be a pain sometimes as it means you always have other people in your home. You just learn to adapt and they really do become a part of your family in a way.

We met Alison last year through Anna and Devin and have enjoyed reading her blog and seeing her at different things, and of course Jalen was lucky enough to inherit her scooter. When I found out that she quit her job at Hungry Jacks and was looking for work, I straight away thought that she would be great to work with Noah. I asked her what she thought and she was keen, so we talked to St Giles and they said she should put in an application. We have been waiting for a couple of weeks for the whole process to go through and today was her first 'buddy shift' with Di.

Hopefully we haven't scared her off! Between Harri being Harri, and Kobe being in a cranky mood, she may not be back! Noah was very well behaved and in a good mood which hopefully will make her want to come back for her next shift on Monday. We are excited to have her as Noah's new carer and she will be working with him 3 hours a week.


  1. You have one of the lovliest girls working for Noah! She is smart, caring and very funny too! I know this because I am her mother. You've got yourself a good one there! Look after my girl Noah and keep her on her toes. Have fun.

  2. That new carer looks like a psychopath. I'd be wary in letting her around my children, if I were you.

    Naaah. I had a nice afternoon with Noah and Di. And thank goodness for Noah otherwise I'd still have a bug in my ear.

  3. Eleanor - we are very happy that Alison is working with Noah! :) I'm sure she will be great and you are right - she is very lovely, and of course she is smart, caring and funny too - she tells me she takes after you! :)

  4. Gee if that's the case, I'll say some more nice things about her!! Now let me think!!

  5. oops!! The anon is me

  6. Noah's new carer will be great, no doubt about it!


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