Friday, 27 March 2009

How Excited Are They!?!

When they announced that round 1 of the AFL this year was going to be Hawthorn V Geelong (a grandfinal rematch!) at the MCG, I knew how much Aaron would love to go over and watch it live. We talked about it for a while, and then decided it was going to be a waste of money, but as a part of Aaron and Jay's Christmas presents last year, I bought them plane tickets to go over as a surprise. Both Aaron and Jay have been hanging out for March ever since.

Today after school we took them straight to the airport. Jalen has been counting down the days for weeks, and kept saying 'this is going to be the best day of my whole life!'. I think he knows how special it is to be able to go over alone with Aaron and to go to such a big game at the MCG. I picked him up half an hour early from school and he was in P.E. I told his P.E teacher I had to take him to the airport as he was going to Melbourne and the teacher said 'he's not going over to the footy is he?', and when I told him he was, he was very jealous. As we were leaving school we heard lots of 'Go Hawks!!!', and a couple of 'Go Cats!'. I'm expecting Aaron to come home with a huge migraine from all the excitement and stress!

Harri kept saying ' I will miss you Jay' and as we drove off he said 'how exciting is it that Jay is going to the footy with Dad!?'.

I told Harri that we would have a special time without them and told him he could choose to go anywhere he wanted for tea. At first he thought about McDonalds and then decided he wanted to go to 'the place with the helicopter', which is Hungry Jacks. He was so happy to go and have a play - even if it was by himself. On the way there he said 'how exciting is it that we are going to Hungry Jacks!'. Harri is very easily pleased! Aaron has promised him Krispy Kreme's and a little present so he is hanging out for when they get back tomorrow night.

Noah doesn't seem very impressed that they have gone away for the night and has been yelling since after school. Hopefully he will settle down and we will have a settled day tomorrow while they are away.


  1. That's nice of you to let them go on their own... (I'm sure you would have liked to join them!!) Like you said, it will be special for Jay to do something with just his Dad like that, and I'm sure he will always remember it!! Good luck at home on your own!!

  2. HOW EXCITING! what an awesome surprise for them Lisa!!

  3. You have to be the best wife, mum,super person of the year Lisa.... Sacrifice brings forth the blessings....your must be coming soon!!!!i cant believe how grown up Harri looks in the pic of him with the icecream...Hey Noah it is tomorrow that you have to cheer ..Wait till tomorrow...

  4. I don't know about that Annette, but I just think that Aaron should do more stuff just for him. I don't think we should all have to 'suffer'! :)

    Today Noah's teacher said to Jay that 'you must help out Mum a lot at home to deserve that' and it's very true. I'm glad Jay gets to spend some special time with Aaron as he is a great brother to Noah and also Harri and Kobe and often misses out on 'normal' stuff that other kids get to do without even thinking twice.

    I'll get to do something fun soon - I'm sure !:)

  5. Noah is cheering not yelling "GO HAWKS"! So far it's a good game - I'm only half watching as I find it too stressful! I hope they have a fantastic time!

  6. Yes, Noah was very jealous of them all afternoon. He kept reminding us how grumpy he was!! ;)

    I just saw the result. Hope they're not too devastated. Very small margin. Ouch. But, from what I've heard, the Hawks have lots of injuries so to keep it that close is a great effort.

    I'm sure they'll still have a fun day tomorrow. :D

  7. What a special time for Jay and Aaron, I am sure they will have a blast. Sure hope Noah settles for you, give him hugs for us.


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