Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sister Krista

We just spent a lovely couple of hours catching up with an old friend - Krista. She served her mission for our church here 15 years ago, and was here when Aaron was baptised into the church. Aaron used to spend lots of time hanging out with the missionaries back then - the Elders and the Sisters, and has lots of great memories of those times. Krista found Aaron on facebook a few months ago, so it was a nice surprise to be on contact with her again.

Krista is from Idaho, so it was so great that we could finally catch up with her again. She was only in Tassie for a day, so Chelsea, Dave and the girls took her to the gorge for a little while, so we met them up there.

Chelsea and Dave's girls are so lovely and it's nice to talk to another family who knows what it's like having four kids of the same sex. Their girls are all very similar ages to our boys.

Krista has three boys, and a baby on the way (not that you can tell!) and we were talking about how she doesn't mind at all if she had a fourth boy.

The water was freezing, but the kids all loved having a bit of a paddle (or a swim in Jalen's case!).

I think Krista realised that Aaron is still the same guy he was 15 years ago - just with a lot more grey hair! ;) Aaron and I just started going out before she left Launceston.

It was so good to see her in real life (rather than just on facebook!).


  1. it sure was good to see and have here felt like nothing had changed ...well except when we looked in the mirror that is....shame we didnt live in one of those countries that have arranged marriages...we might have been able to marry off your boys to our girls...mmmmm perhaps not!!!!Aaron in the family...tigers and hawks...nooooo

  2. You never know Annette! :) Maybe one of our boys will end up marrying one of Chels and Dave's girls! Will be hard at get togethers when we talk about the footy though - you know how passionate Aaron is! ;)

  3. You could be Sister Krista's sister! You look really similar in the first photo.


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