Thursday, 5 March 2009

Begging for Icecream

If you want something in our house you just have to look cute and smile and say 'aaaaaah'. Kobe has recently discovered that the boys icecream cones taste really yummy. He will crawl straight over to them and is like a little dog - just sitting at their feet saying 'aaaaaaah' until they give him a taste ( yes - my boys do love to have their tops off!).

He's lucky I don't stress too much over what he is allowed to taste. When Jay was tiny I hated him having any sort of sugar for a long time. I guess its harder to keep it away from Kobe when he sees his big brothers eating yummy things for treats.

One lick of their icecream, and he is a very happy boy.


  1. That boy has the BEST smile! I know I will be seing it in Meadow Mews this year - I bet you've got heaps of photos to enter. I hope Jalen and Noah are better today - everyone seems to be sick with chesty/throaty things or tummy bugs - yuck!

  2. It's funny how we aren't as fussy once we get to our fourth!
    I was going to say the same thing about Kobe smile... his whole face lights up when he smiles!

  3. yeah, I always had a thing that my kids wouldn't have sugar till they were one.. So much for that and Rowan! Ha!

  4. Kobe is sooo cute, he loves that ice cream

  5. hahah treats? yeah right ...thats what your boys have for breakfast lunch and tea!!

  6. cutest little smile and chubby cheeks!


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