Saturday, 28 March 2009

Awesome Time with Dad

Tonight we picked up Jalen and Aaron at the airport. They had an awesome time in Melbourne. We spoke to them a number of times while they were there and it seemed like every hour or so Harri was asking 'can I ring Jay'? Harri was missing them terribly and was in tears half the day. I told him to just pretend that they were at school, but that didn't cut it for him. He kept saying 'I'm missing Jay, because he's my brother!'. Jay on the other hand kept telling me on the phone that Melbourne was 'awesome'.

After they got off the plane they headed straight to the MCG to watch the game. Jay was so excited to see the G for the first time.

They had excellent seats. Aaron has been over now for three school football trips, so he knows the great places to sit and even knew where to book so they would get padded seats. Jay thought that was really great for some reason!

It was obviously a great place to sit as they ran into two injured Hawks players up there - Stephen Gilham and Xavier Ellis.

It was an awesome game to go and watch - especially since Hawthorn made a huge comeback at the end and only just lost the game -despite so many players being injured. I was even laying in bed watching it yelling out 'Come on Roughy!!!, Go Buddy!!'. Aaron would've been very proud of me.

Aaron said that Jay absolutely loved walking back into the city from the MCG, with the huge crowd at night. They were lucky to be able to stay at our friend Marlo's house. Her sister lives in a cute little terrace house right in the city, so it was great that they could stay there.

They spent the morning having Maccas for breakfast, shopping and checking out the 'Telstra' Dome.

They still had some time before they had to be at the airport, so Aaron decided to surprise Jay and took him to the aquarium. Jay was so excited and rang me and said 'guess what Mum! I'm looking at penguins right now!'.

Harri got on the phone to him and Jay told him he was at the aquarium. Harri then said 'are you going to feed the wabbits Jay!?. I cracked up and told him there are no rabbits at the aquarium, and then Harri asks 'are you going to feed the ducks!?'. When Jay got home Harri asked him 'did you feed the sharks Jay?'. Jalen thought he asked him 'did you see the sharks' and said 'yes', and then Harri was so worried and goes 'did they bite you Jay!!!?'. He cracks me up.

Jay said that going to the MCG was the best thing about the trip, but he also loved the aquarium.

It was a big weekend in Melbourne with round 1 of the footy on, and also the Grand Prix. Aaron was lucky to run into one of the drivers at the airport! ;) Pity that Aaron's neck has shrunk so much on this wheat free diet he is on! ;)

Aaron said he missed having us all there to experience things with, but that it was really nice to just spend some time alone with Jay and not having anything to worry about (like grizzling babies and four year olds, or Noah needing meds, feeds or suctioning). It was so nice to hear all of Jay's stories when he got home and to know that he had such a special time with his Dad.


  1. I don't know what's wrong with me, haha, but, I was sort of emotional reading that post. Oh man. I'm such a wuss.

    I've been sort of emotional about everything lately, so, not so surprised.

    Glad they had such a great time together.

    See you Tuesday.

  2. What a whole lot of precious memories and special times you had have got a great dad (even if he is a Hawkes supporter)glad you had a wonderful weekend.. I hope that you are all planning for a special weekend for Mum now?????

  3. What great memories Jae is going to have.
    I figured out why he loved the padded seats.
    It's because of his boney little bum!!
    Oh Grandma.

  4. What a fantastic trip - it was great they could do so much. Pity about the footy but it was a great game to be there for! Padded seats - I need to know more about those before I go in June!!!

  5. Was Aaron under strict instructions to take good photos?? It sounds like a really good time and Jalen will forever remember that trip with just him and Dad.

  6. Simone - of course Aaron was under strict instructions!!! I sent them with the little digital camera that I won and every time I would talk to them I would say 'are you taking lots of photos!?'. Aaron knew he would be in big trouble if he didn't! ;)

  7. What a great weekend the boys had. When is it your turn to have some time away with nothing o 'worry about' :)


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