Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Stupid Blogroll

For some reason my blogroll is being extra slow. Just in case you haven't seen Anna's blog yet - go check it out! The blogroll didn't update itself till just now, so you may have missed her exciting news. You will have to look closely though as although it is great that Darcy had a haircut - her news is a little more exciting than that ! :)


  1. What is up with the blogrolls?!?! I posted on Saturday and yours still doesn't show it.

  2. Lovely to hear of another baby! The blogroll and Blogger in general have been very slow and painful lately! Thought it was just me!

  3. LOL I could not get to her blog quick enough and at first did not see the baby thing in the corner. Maybe there is something in the water at the gym. Prob why I'm not back there yet.

  4. Your blog roll has gone crazy.... I think it has the same ppl on there a couple of times!!!!!! Hopefully it will fix itself soon or we might all go crazy too!!!
    Sucs about the gastro going round and that Aaron missed last bit of convention.... he deserved to go and have fun, working with the youth is awesome... but it is a lot of hard work and effort.
    I thought I was safe over here away from that gastro....but apparently not!!!!!


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