Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Wildlife Park

Today Kobe and I joined Noah's school on an excursion to Tasmania Zoo. I wouldn't consider it a zoo, but more of a wildlife park which it was previously named.

I love spending time with the kids from Noah's school. It's awesome seeing their faces light up when they hear different sounds and see the animals.

We had a great time as Noah was awake and alert the whole time.

Not sure which one's are the devils here - the ones behind, or in front of the fence! ;)

I knew Jalen would be so jealous that we got to see the Tasmanian Devils. He is always talking about them since learning about them at school a couple of years ago and learning about how they have been suffering from the facial tumor disease.

The kids even got to pat one! One of the workers brought one out for them to touch, and it was actually pretty tame.

There were lots of different native animals to see and other animals such as monkeys.

The Marmosets were so cute.

Down near the lake there were some wedged tail eagles and ducks. One of the aides picked up a duck for Noah's class to touch.

Kobe is starting to be a bit like Harri, and isn't too sure about animals. He was very cautious when it got close to him.

In the nocturnal house Noah's eyes really lit up as he could see the lights really well.

There was a skeleton dressed up inside, so one of the male aides decided it would be funny to hide behind it and jump out and scare everyone as they walked past. Kobe was not impressed at all and burst into tears!

After looking at all the animals we had a BBQ lunch before heading back to school. Kobe loved crawling around and socialising with everyone. He was asleep within a minute on the way home.


  1. Amazing that Noah was actually awake.
    I hate Tasmanian Devils.
    We had a baby one in our shed one night schreeching, and yowling away.Jesse was terrified, and so was I, event hough it was a baby
    Love Mum.

  2. That looks great - I've never been there but Patrick had a school excursion there once. I must take the kids there soon!

  3. What a big day! I can see now why Noah was such a snoozefest all afternoon!

  4. That place is great...so out of the way and yet an oasis really...We took the grndkids there during the summer holidays ....did you see the white cockatoo who walks around the grounds..doesnt fly.......it just loved my handbag and kept running after us and grabbing hold of it talking the whole time..."hello cocky...hello cocky"...the girlskept cracking up they loved it...that guy is doing amazing stuff for research into the Devil facial tumors too so most of the takings from the park entry goes to that and the rest to feeding the animals and a lot of the staff are volenteers.... i talked to him for ages...a real aussie bloke.

  5. What a great excursion and so great that you and Kobe got to go as well. I can see Noah's little girlfriend in one of the photos. I bet he was embarassed to have his Mum there, as he couldn't make the moves!

  6. um, Id be a bit wary of that duck too Kobe!!!

  7. Good spotting of Bronte there Nicki!! Noah wasn't too impressed I was there keeping an eye on him when he was out with his woman!
    All families were invited to go along which is nice. The school paid for our admission and provided lunch for us too.

  8. Love the photos Lisa. It was a great day and I like seeing how the kids become alert when they are out and about enjoying their surroundings. Some of those animals were really cheeky, especially those monkeys. William and I have nicknamed them the Spunky monkeys as they had lots of spunk!

  9. sounds like a great day trip. i love wildlife parks. your pictures are so cute.
    oh, and congrats on your new calling. you will all do a great job :)


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