Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Meeting Matilda

Last night I got an exciting text message from Pip saying she was having 'some pains'. She had been having a few pains for a couple of weeks - all getting our hopes up, but she was now overdue to have her baby, so having 'some pains' after her due date was a good sign!

An hour or so later she rang me to talk to me about what was going on and it all sounded very promising. I later got a text message saying they were heading into hospital as they live out of town, and because they needed to monitor her as she had to have an emergency c section with Oliver . I hardly slept all night!

About 7.30am she rang to have a chat as she was 'bored'! I can't say I have ever had the opportunity to be bored during a labour, but I'm thinking these epidurals sound pretty good!! ;)
About 10am Ben sent me a text giving me another update and finally at 2pm I got the phone call from Ben saying that their beautiful daughter - Matilda was finally delivered - all without a c section! Pip was so happy to have her naturally.

As soon as she went to the maternity ward I got a text from Clare saying she had been put in the bed next to her, but Clare was just leaving to take Chloe home. What a pity they weren't in there together - I could've seen them both at the same time! As soon as Pip texted to say come up, I was there within 5 minutes! She is so beautiful with lots of dark black hair. Pip and Ben both said she is the spitting image of Oliver as a newborn.

Ben looked exhausted after a long night, but was very happy.

After tea I couldn't stay away and went up again to visit with Bec and Annie. Bec calls me the papparrazzi, but I think she was doing just as good as me at taking lots of pics! :)

Pip looked great and seemed to be still in shock that it was actually all over and she was finally here.

Bec and I of course had to have a little cuddle.

Hopefully tonight Matilda will behave for Pip so she can catch up on all the lost sleep last night.


  1. She's just gorgeous.
    It's funny how the dads always look much tireder than the mums, ha. ha.
    Love Mum xxx

  2. He looks just like Oliver,but with black hair, Love Mum xxx

  3. Matilda is a beautiful little girl.

  4. What a grogeous baby, and I love the name! She has the same hairstyle as her Dad!

  5. how exciting! thats awesome she has a girl and a boy now. tell pip i said congrats!

  6. She is very cute. Good thing she has so much hair already. I'm sure Pip will do some nice styles real soon. Does she have a middle name?

  7. I think I saw Bec in the Target muti carpark the other day! I was too shy to say "are you Lisa's friend" incase it wasnt her!! Gorgeous baby, all healthy and well. Happy times!

  8. Matilda is such a lovely name. Pip does have good taste in baby names. LOL.

  9. Matilda is such a great name - I'm trying to convince Chris that we should call our baby (if it's a girl) Matilda but he's not buying it!!


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