Monday, 5 January 2009

Time For An Update

Aaron and I have been noticing how old our photos are that are around the house. We have so many older pics of the three oldest boys, but not many of Kobe around. We decided it was time for a little update of the photos, and went searching for some good individual ones of each of the boys to put into frames. We had one of Noah and Kobe (lots of Kobe!), but not many good individual ones of Jay and Harri.

I dragged them outside with me, to take a few pics. I told them to 'sit together' and this is what Harri came up with!

Here are a couple of my favourites.

Harri is terrible for taking pics of, unless you want really natural pics. He won't ever look right at the camera except for a second and is so impatient and gets grumpy after about 30 seconds. Jay and I decided to make it fun for him and kept saying 'say Dad smells'. This was the result.

Jay then went up to him and whispered something to him.

Harri then yells out 'Mum smells!' and cracks up laughing and then says 'high-5 Jay!!'.

They are so funny together. One minute they are fighting and the next minute they are best friends.


  1. They are gorgeous photos Lisa. I love the first and last ones especially. Jalen has grown up so much this past year - he's lost that "little boy" look like Patrick, which is a bit sad:( Thank goodness for your "other" three, and my "grandbabies"!!!

  2. Those are very cute pics Marge. Nice photography

  3. It's all in the camera Chrish!! ;)

  4. I am really surprised that you got Harri to actually look at the camera. I love the photos. Could I have copies? Love Mum XXX
    P.S. Had a migraine today, and had to get a morphine shot, so I,m pretty zonked out>

  5. Lisa the pictures turned out wonderful.

  6. These are great Lisa - really fresh!

  7. Has Harri had a haircut. All of a sudden he looks much older. Has he been asking about school yet?


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