Saturday, 24 January 2009

Eamon Leigh

Although we had a lovely week away in St Helen's it was not a good week to be away. Little Lachlan was blessed on Sunday and we missed out, and Becky gave birth to a beautiful baby boy - Eamon Leigh (pronounced Ayman). We were excited to go to Devonport today to finally meet him - a week later! The blogerazzi sure dropped the ball on this one - lucky I had Nicki and Steph to take over for me! :)

He is such a big baby - especially compared to Kels when she was born. We kept commenting on how he really looked like a little boy. Kels is such a proud big sister!

It's been great meeting all these new babies over the past couple of weeks - Chloe, Matilda and now Eamon. The best thing though is that Aaron is finally over wanting to have more kids!!! Before he would often say 'oh maybe we will have one more, one day', but now he says 'I'm definitely over having kids!' YAY!!! I've been waiting for this day to come for a long time :)

He loves having a cuddle, but then says he is so glad it's not him having to deal with a newborn again. We love watching Kobe grow up and know he is definitely our last one.

Jay was happy to have a little cuddle with Eamon, but when I asked Harri if he wanted one he says 'nah, no thanks!'. I think he is over the excitement of babies since Kobe came along.

Becky says she feels great and that Eamon is such a placid and happy baby. Kelsea was a harder baby, so it's nice for them to have an easy one this time - hopefully he will stay that way.

Nicki and Alex heard we were coming to meet Eamon and invited us to stay for tea. It was lovely to spend some time with them - even though they only live at Ulverstone we don't get to catch up as often as we would like. The boys were so excited to go for tea and play with Maddi and Alex.

When someone has a placid and settled baby we call them a 'Nicki baby', as both Maddi and little Alex were such good babies - sounds like Eamon might be a 'Nicki baby'. None of mine were ever 'Nicki babies' as they all screamed for one reason or another. Maybe we should've made up another phrase for screaming, unsettled babies - a 'Lisa Baby'. Little Alex is such a lovely boy and you wouldn't even know he was around half the time - definitely a 'Nicki Baby!'.

Nicki and Alex made us a beautiful BBQ tea.

With the boys being into Guitar Hero so much lately they were absolutely fascinated when Uncle Alex showed them his electric guitar! They even knew half the songs he was playing.

It was a really long day as we left home at 9.30 am and got home at 9.30pm but nice to catch up with family and to finally meet Eamon.


  1. Man, it looks like Alex has lost heaps of weight! Good to see the 'fro returning too!

  2. What a gorgeous baby and a great name! I noticed Aaron's HAWTHORN top but nearly didn't recognise him!!!

  3. Yes he has! He was telling us he has lost 5 kg so far!!! He said it is really, really hard, but you can see he has lost a lot already - he is doing great!

  4. That's great news that Becky & Jares' family is growing. Please give them our love next time you see them. It must be lovely for youion having so many nephews and nieces.

  5. Doesn't Kels look proud of her little brother?
    He is a beautiful, little fat man.
    It was good you could catch up with The Watsons too.
    Little Alex has to have the gentlest nature of all the grandchildren.
    I wonder if Nicki will ever get a raucous baby?
    Love Mum xxx

  6. I love Kelsea's smile... she has such a cheesey grin!!!

  7. Yay finally a post on Eamon, I was hanging out to see pics of the little fella. Wow he doesn't look like a newborn at all - beautiful skin. What a long day for you all. I bet you were exhausted last night.

  8. Good to have you around last night. But I really think you have a the perfect child with Noah. No whingeing and complaining from him! I haven't heard Eamon cry yet.


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