Tuesday, 27 January 2009

No Sharks or Jelly Fish

The weather is starting to really heat up in Tassie :) We thought we'd take the opportunity while Di was looking after Noah, to take the boys for a swim at the Basin today. On the way there Harri asks 'is there any sharks or jelly fish!?'. I think we have spent too much time at the beach lately.

Kobe has never been to a pool before, but we thought he would love it since he loved the beach so much. We were right! He sat in the water and clapped his hands and kept grinning and splashing.

He loves his Dad, and spent ages splashing in the water with him and giving him big kisses.

It is such a beautiful day and there is no better way than to cool off in such a beautiful spot.

We really are so lucky here in Tassie to have so many beautiful places to go to, which are so close to home.


  1. Kobe really does love his dad.
    They are really nice photos of him and Aaron, but Harri is a bit of a worry isn't he?
    Love Mum

  2. It's a fantastic spot - you forget how beautiful it is until you go up there again. It looked lovely at night last week. I cant beleive how different all your boys look - sometimes I see similaraties, but they all look very different in these photos!

  3. Kylie -we say the same thing - they are all so different in their looks, but then you can tell that they are brothers too.

  4. Kobe and Aaron take the cutest photos! :)

    Looks like a fun day! It's too hot for my liking, but I'm glad you guys are enjoying it! :)

  5. He's sooo gorgeous Lisa. It makes my heart melt when I see him on the blog. So sad they have to grow up.


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