Sunday, 25 January 2009

Cool Kim

This afternoon we had a visit from Aaron's step sister - Kim, who is over from Melbourne for the long weekend. We love catching up with Kim as she is so fun and laid back. The boys don't really know her very well as she has lived in Melbourne since Jay was a baby, but she loves seeing the boys and hearing about what they are up to.

Kim has her own business which is called Yu Food and Lifestyle and is about making conscious decisions about food and lifestyle. She teaches groups how to cook different meals using organic foods and also runs retreats. She also practices Chinese herbal therapy. It's really interesting talking to her about what she does. Aaron is starting a wheat free/dairy free period to get rid of his excema and he was moaning to her about it, so she is going to send me lots of different recipes to try which should be good.

Before she left we took some photos and she was so funny as she pulled out a pair of goggles from her handbag and put them on. Harri was so excited! He yells 'are we going swimming!!?' Kim is training at the moment for a triathlon next week, so she had been swimming up at the gorge pool this morning and still had her goggles with her.

The boys thought she was really cool.


  1. I love Aaron's expression.
    Love Mum xxx

  2. That's so funny! Good to see Kobe's not the only one with his tongue out! Aaron looks foreign!

    Oh ha ha ha - guess what the word verification is? "WINGE". I'm betting Aaron will be doing some of that when he sees the recipes Kim sends for him!

  3. Your boys are all so cute!! Kobe is growing right up. I'm sure it's kind of bittersweet, knowing he's your last... Oh well. There isn't a thing we can do about that (not that we'd REALLY want to anyway :) ). Noah looks adorable, as usual.


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