Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Summer BBQ

It finally is starting to really feel like Summer in Tassie! I don't want to say it too much though as usually that means the cold days will be back. Simone and I thought it was a good opportunity to have a BBQ at the park to catch up and asked Jacquie and Jared to join us. We are missing our little catch up at the gym each morning.

It was such a beautiful night. The kids had a great time running around together.

Tenae and Sarra cracked me up as I heard them say 'how old are you?'. In a few years it will be 'which guy do you like!?'.

Simon was a good sport and had a game of cricket with the kids.

Jonty is growing up so quick. Won't be long till these two are running around, playing cricket together!


  1. Isn't it great Summer is finally here? It's supposed to drop to 16 on Friday after 30 tomorrow though!!!

  2. that t-shirt looks awfully familiar simone!!

  3. Wasn't it a beautiful day, and night?
    I finally took off my winter doona tonight, and put my summer one on, and then I read Kylie's blog, where she said it was going to drop 16 on Friday. Drats!!!
    Love Mum xxx

  4. you guys are having such beautiful weather. Looks like a fun evening.

  5. Man you blogged already!! it is Wed and I am only now getting round to it. We watched 7 pounds last night when we got home. I agree - it was really good.

  6. Oh I feel like you are taunting us with your beautiful weather! I'm glad you are taking full advantage of it though. :)


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