Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Long Summer Nights

Although it doesn't really feel like Summer has hit Tasmania yet, we are loving all being on Summer holidays together, and especially the long nights. I always feel so lucky that Aaron has 7 weeks of paid holidays at this time of the year and that he can spend so much time with the boys. I don't know if I would survive the Summer without him!

The first week or two I get a bit stressed that everything is out of routine - Noah gets his meds, nebs and feeds later than usual, Kobe sometimes has his naps at different times if we are out somewhere, and the house usually looks like a bomb has gone off - more than once!

After I get over the initial stress of having everyone home for so long, I really start to relax and enjoy it. It's nice that the boys want to spend lots of time playing outside together. It's great now that Jay is that bit older as we know we can trust him to ride on his scooter for a while on his own (thanks again Alison - he is using it a LOT!).

I used to think how its sad the boys aren't growing up with lots of space around them like I did as a kid, but I also see a lot of good things about living in town. The good thing about Punchbowl Primary is that it is such a little school and there are a few other schools very close by. That means that most of the kids at school live very close by as well - a lot within walking distance.

A girl from Jalen's class last year lives just four houses down. Often when Jay is out riding on his scooter, she will see him and jump on her bike and join him. Some nights after tea Jay will hear Ella outside and will ask if he can ride his scooter.

It's nice being on holidays and knowing the boys will sleep in in the morning, so we don't mind Jay wanting to ride his scooter all night.The other day she had a friend staying, who was also in his class, so they both came out and played with him for ages.

The girls were so funny as they are always all over Harri. He loves it when they come by and will go out to talk to them. Last week he was showing them his black eye. They were oohing and aahing over it - he thought it was great!

The other night Jay asked Aaron 'Dad, did you used to play with girls when you were a boy?'. Aaron had two sisters, so all he did was play with girls! That made Jay feel a bit better. He is just getting to that age where he thinks that it might not be cool to hang out with the girls as much, but I think it's nice that he has 'girl friends' that he likes to hang out with.


  1. Glad to see that the novelty hasn't worn off yet!! :)

    I pretty much ONLY played with boys when I was a kid. It wasn't until about grade 6 when we moved to Tassie that I started hanging out with other girls. Very weird.

    As long as he's having fun, that's the main thing :)

    Besides, having 3 brothers, I'm sure he could do with some of the lessons the girls might be able to teach him!! :)

  2. Growing up I really only played with boys. I was into sports and my sis was not.
    The weather looks beautiful there, we are just getting started into winter here.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I stumbled upon your blog though Chelsea Parsons. I was great friends with Sarah growing up. I could really relate to your last post as my husband is also a teacher. I really look forward to the holidays but it does take a few weeks to get used to the routine being broken. You do an amazing job with your four boys.



  4. Harri would be loving the attention.
    They're building a lot of happy summer memories. Love Mum xxx


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