Thursday, 29 January 2009

You Know It's Hot When....

....I go to the pool and actually go for a swim! This morning on the Sunrise TV show they had people email things to do with 'you know it is hot when...'. In Adelaide and Melbourne it has been in the mid 40 degrees celcius (113F) and here in Launceston it has been mid 30s (around 93F) which is way hotter than we are used to.

We decided to try to cool down by taking the boys (except for Noah) to the Riverside Pool. Kylie had mentioned it a couple of times on her blog that they liked going there, so we thought we'd give it a go. On the way to the pool we were listening to the radio and they said it was 36 degrees!

The boys loved it - especially the water slide. Jay had heaps of turns on the slide and could've spent all day there if we let him.

Aaron convinced Harri to try it with him. He came down with a funny look on his face like he was about to freak, but when they fell into the water he grinned and yelled 'can we do that again!!!?'.

There is a great little toddler pool there that the boys loved just as much as Kobe!

It was nice to run into Kylie, Patrick and Lauren. Kylie had seen Kobe on the blog sticking out his tongue many a time, and he didn't let her down today!

Jay and Patrick are only just over a week apart in age, and knew each other when they were tiny, but haven't seen much of each other since they started school. It was so cool seeing them hang out together and talk about Wii games. Aaron said he couldn't get a word in with all the Nintendo talk!

The water was so refreshing, but now we are at home we are stinking hot again! I was complaining that I wanted Summer to arrive, but not like this! It's supposed to be hot like this over the next couple of days.


  1. Yeah i wish i had air-con in the house. it is 34deg in my kitchen. Everytime i have fed Jonty, he has stuck to me like glue. I bet Kobe loved the water. It's a wonder the little dare devil didn't want to go down the slide.

  2. That water sure looks like fun. You can send us a little of your warm weather, it is cold here.

  3. Phew! We heard it got to 39 degrees!!! We didn't leave until 4.30 in the end. A very disappointed Examiner photographer left after I told him the Blogerazzi had already been!

    I seriously think Kobe is trying to do the Haka with his tongue out and waving his hands around - Shayne will be pleased!

  4. Oh I'm jealous. I was so tempted to just brave the public in my bathers and do te very same thing today. Poor Liam has been running around with his Daddy and a water spray bottle and poor little Alyssa is dripping from every sweat gland in her tiny body. Not good!

    We had to settle for a swim in a cold bath but your cool down effort looks much more fun.

  5. Haha, have you looked at all the Tassie bloggers headings. It's hilarious

  6. Yeah, this weather is crazy. I was like you and hanging out for summer but it's just a little too hot for my liking at the moment!! Sounds like the pool was great fun!

  7. Looks like you had fun cooling down. We spend much of our summer in the water. Funny how I have learn't to adjust to the heat. It is a different heat here though than Tassie. Sounds like your having a real scorcher. Hope you survive the next couple of days.

  8. It even looks warm in the photos! Hope you're all doing okay and eating LOTS of icy poles :) I'll just go and set my air con on 18 (it is a HUGE novelty for me) and burn the ozone layers away.


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