Thursday, 8 January 2009

Pics At The Prebbles

Tonight we got a call from Scott to say that Matthew Parsons and his family were staying the night. They were down from Sydney for their family reunion and said to come around so we could catch up with them. I hadn't seen Matthew for 20 years or so and had never met his wife or daughters. It was lovely to meet them all - especially as I had seen them on his blog for a little while. These are the guys trying to look young and slim ;)

Kobe loved all the attention from all the girls and was a perfect angel all night.

Unlike two of his other brothers who were totally hyped! Of course Scott didn't help the situation!

I got the best present from Steph for Christmas - a remote control for my camera! It was so fun using it tonight. We got some classic shots.

When Jack and Sam got home, we finally got a decent one.

Jack couldn't work out how the camera kept going off as he was out for most of the night. It was hilarious!

Scott told him it has a motion sensor and goes off with movement!

Of course Harri freaked out about Casper, the dog. He finally came around to him when Dale promised him a Wiggles bag if he went and gave Casper a pat.

I'm sure that the Parsons family will be glad to get back to Sydney after hanging out with these two crazy families for the night!

Oh - of course I couldn't leave out the best pic of the night!! Not sure what Scott is doing here, but it's not a good look! ;)


  1. Love it! Love it! Love It!
    Thanks for a great night.

  2. Fantastic evening, it was great to catch up with both the Prebbles and Kings! Awesome!!

  3. Great photos Lisa - not sure about the ones where you can see up Aaron's shorts though!!! Where are the Hawks boxers???

  4. Looks like a fun night. I think you should hide the remote for the pictures though. The real Paparazzi would be very subtle at taking the photos!

  5. hi lisa,,
    a remote for your camera is soo fun..i want to get one now..i have a tripod but have to get a adaptor so it can fit my camera..i need a screw thingy..i'll have to take it into the camera shop next time i'm in town..
    but its sooo much fun huh!!

  6. Lol, I think Scott is about to do a striptease and rip his shirt open in the last shot :)

    looks like an interesting night


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