Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A Night In The Tent

My boys are very deprived - they have never been camping before. Camping and wheelchairs and a child with special needs just don't seem to mix very well :) That is a good excuse for Aaron anyway as he HATES camping. He is a real 'city boy' and if we go anywhere it has to be somewhere with a flushing toilet, a shower and most importantly at TV and DVD player.

Last year we were walking through Kmart and they had a really good special on a 6 man tent. We thought we would grab one, as you just never know when you will need a tent. Aaron put it up for the boys to play in a couple of weeks ago, but the weather was freezing so they only used it during the day. Since the weather has warmed up during the last week (34 degrees today last time I heard!) I promised Jay and Harri I would sleep in the tent with them in the backyard one night. Last night was it - the weather was perfect for it.

The boys were so excited! They grabbed all their gear including torches, treats, books to read, and their bedtime soft toys and couldn't get down there fast enough.

The boys loved the novelty of reading their books with a torch!

Jay went star gazing or planet spotting when it got dark. Last year they did a unit on the solar system and ever since he has been fascinated with learning about stars and planets.

After telling a few stories (I didn't think scary ones were appropriate, as no doubt Harri and also Jay would start freaking out!), we had fun taking some silly photos.

The boys were great and actually went to sleep before 9.45pm - until Jay's hayfever started playing up! We finally got to sleep and I woke at 3.15am thinking it was about 5.30am as it was a full moon and didn't really get dark all night. When the boys woke at 6.30am Harri goes 'that was sooo much fun last night wasn't it Mum!?'. It was but I don't think I will choose to do it again in a hurry - one night of fun is good enough to last me until next Summer! Aaron's promised them he will sleep with them in the tent another night.


  1. I remember sleeping in the backyard as a kid. Looks like you all had a great time. Love the silly pictures.

  2. No scary stories, what a bummer!!
    I was so tempted to drive into Launnie last night, to give you all a scare, but I was worried what you would all do,what with living over the road from the "murder's house" and knowing what would happen with the "drama Kings and queen, I might add, we would all be scarred for life. Mind you I did have a smile on my face thinking about it when I went to sleep.
    I thought I had better stay put too in case Becky rang.
    Love Mum xxx

  3. You guys crack me up - it has been light at night hasn't it - waking up at 3am though! Hope you got back to sleep easily. Tell Aaron Win hates camping too thus my kids haven't been either!

  4. That's awesome you are the coolest mum eva!!

  5. Sounds like fun, but I think that was the practice run and now they should be up for the real deal! You've gotta show them what real camping is all about.

  6. You goofballs!!!

    That looks fun! It's toooo hot to be in a tent tonight, though!! Yuck!

  7. sounds like lots of fun for the boys! we used to do that when we were kids and loved it!

  8. Well Done Lisa lasting the night in the tent, I am not much of a camper but had promised Nathan I would go at least once this year providing we had somewhere with a toilet.
    Just found a comment you added on my blog about my work hours, yes i have made some changes and it is working better for all of us. I am now doing tues,wed,thurs 9:30 to 2:00 school hours. I agree with you about not being able to get the time back. I do sometimes think I should stay home fulltime but I am actually a better for the girls if I work a little. Issi is also starting school fulltime this year which she is very excited about. X

  9. Whenever I slept in a tent with my boys it got so hot we had to go outside and get fresh air.... of cause eating spicy food before hand doesn't help.


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