Friday, 9 January 2009

Best Job In The World

Well - I think my job is anyway! I just feel so lucky to have the job that I do, during the school holidays. I am doing something that I love, and often I get to take my family with me - and get paid for it! Getting paid for it is just a bonus.

I have started back at work again this week and so far I have done two shifts at bowling and one shift at the bike centre. Yesterday when I was leaving work my boss asked if the boys were coming to the bike centre today. I told her I was working it and she said 'Great! bring them along!'. What a great job - two hours of hanging out with kids with disabilities and their families, riding bikes, playing, chatting and eating - all with my family there too!

Noah has been a bit sleepy the past week, and it was quite a warm day so he slept the whole time!

My boss hired some great giant tricycles that are built for kids and adults with disabilities or for families. They were awesome! We had seven of them so Aaron and I got to have a turn as well. My boss took over my job as papparrazzi and snapped some pics for us.

Kobe loved having a ride around with Aaron.

When the boys got tired, they hitched a ride on the back of Aaron's.

I couldn't ask for a better job. Aaron and I are so lucky - he gets to be home all school holidays and I get to work over the holidays in such a great job.


  1. oh, and you say my job is easy. lucky you

  2. I'll look out for Aaron and his tricycle on Hobart Road on his way to K.M. High next month!

  3. Such a great job, looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  4. How much fun does that look! hey where did your boss hire the bikes from? We would love to get something for Amelia, but to buy one is really expensive, over $1000 where we went to.

  5. What are you actually working as Lisa??
    Sounds fun though

  6. Mel - I work as a Support Worker for Family Based Care - during the School Holiday Program. Its a great job as the whole family comes so we are just there to assist where we can and join in on the activities. Its lots of fun, as you aren't really in charge of anyone, but more of a supporting role. We do the program as a family as well - two activities per week, and then I work other shifts, and often if I am working my boss tells me to bring the boys and aaron along as well, which means they get extra activities on top of the ones we usually do.
    We do things such as sailing, roller skating, animal nursery, movies, ten pin bowling, swimming, bike centre, Kids paradise etc.
    You get to know and love a lot of the kids and love it when you are on shift and you know they are coming.

  7. Angela - the bikes were through Kev's Tricycle Hire Ph. 0437 814 877 or email

    They are $10.00 per hour or I did see that dependant upon availability he sells them for $600 for a 20 inch 5 speed! Heaps cheaper than the $1000 you saw.


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