Sunday, 11 January 2009

Chloe's Blessing Day

Today was Chloe's blessing day, so we went to church at our ward in the morning, and then stayed for the blessing. Afterwards we went up to Sam and Clare's for an afternoon tea. Harri was very confused about what we were doing. In the end we told him we were going to Sam and Clare's for a party, so he was very excited then. He asked me if there was going to be dancing! I told him probably not!

All the way up there he kept saying 'Sam has a dog'. I kept telling him he didn't as I knew he would freak out if he did, but he kept insisting that he did have one. We then realised that he meant it was Sam Honey who had a dog, and he thought we were going to the Honey's house, not the Horsman's!

It was nice to catch up with Sam, Clare and the family and finally to check out their house they are renovating. Sam is becoming quite the handy man! It was looking really good. Chloe was such a good baby - I didn't hear a peep out of her the whole time, and she seemed very placid. We kept telling Sam they all seem to start out that way, and then things go downhill, but hopefully they will be lucky and she will stay that way.

Everyone was enjoying having a little cuddle of her.

Kobe looks like a giant now! Amazing how much they grow and change in just seven months.
Noah was so aware of everything after his big sleep all morning. He seems to want to sleep at the moment till about 2pm or later and then is wide awake till about 10pm. Clare was asking me about Kobe's sleeping patterns now. He isn't the problem since he sleeps through the night now - it is Noah who is still not a good sleeper and he is seven! :)


  1. I noticed Noah was a party pooper yesterday. I only saw him awake once all day! Chloe has lovely olive skin to match with Noah.

  2. Give poor Noah a break, it's only been seven years of not sleeping at nights!!

  3. Chloe looks adorable. Even Jonty looks big compared to her. I love the photo of the hands.


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