Sunday, 4 January 2009

7 Months Ago Today...

...Clare came to visit me just after Kobe had been born. It was such an exciting day as I had just delivered Kobe, and Becky and Clare both told me they were pregnant when they came to visit!

Today Kobe and I went to visit Clare to meet her beautiful new daughter - Chloe. She was born yesterday - 9 days early!! Lucky Clare!

Kobe seemed so big compared to her. It made me realise how he really isn't a baby at all anymore, but such a boy.

Clare did so well and looks great, even though she was really tired.

It's so lovely seeing Sam and Clare with their little girl. It's all so exciting when it is your first. It is with every baby that you have of course - but especially special when it is your first one. It's also lovely for Gillian, Jade and Brad to have some happy news - I know Gillian is so excited to have her first grandchild.

Chloe is lucky to come to such a wonderful family - she will be very loved.


  1. oh, how cute.

    The mule is now a dad :)

  2. Thanks for posting Lisa, I have not been in to see the new arrival yet but by the time I do I am sure she will have changed heaps! She is so cute!


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