Friday, 23 January 2009

Too Cold For Queenslanders

It always happens! Just as the weather in Tassie starts heating up and we start talking about it, it turns freezing again!! Our friend Yvette moved away from Tassie about 5 years ago, and now lives in Queensland with her husband Luke, and two girls - Kelsey and Nakita. Yvette and Luke went to school with us and we have kept in touch ever since.

They are down for three days for a wedding, and Pip had been telling Yvette how nice the weather was! Of course yesterday the weather changed (again!), and now it is freezing and windy. Yvette and the girls arrived at Pip's today for lunch and were going on about how cold it was. Poor Kelsey kept going outside to play and would then come back in within a minute saying 'it's too cold!'.

I love going out to Pip's as her Dad always has new crops in, and always look amazing.

Ben is an amazing cook, and made us the most beautiful lunch. Yvette lives in quite an isolated spot, and said she was looking forward to going out to a nice restaurant for tea, but said she didn't need to after having Ben's lunch!

Yvette and Luke's girls are so lovely. They are so different to look at, and we were laughing saying how it looks like Yvette has adopted the two of them! Their Dad, Luke has the lovely dark skin which Kelsey inherited, and even though Nakita is so fair, she still has beautiful olive skin as well.

Oliver was so excited to have some kids to play with. He kept saying 'come on Kobe!', wanting Kobe to get up and play with him. He didn't seem to realise that he was just a bit too little at the moment to run around with him.

Yvette and the girls were so excited to meet little Matilda. She has changed so much in two weeks.

Oliver was such a great baby and we kept warning them that Matilda may be different, but I think she is even more placid and settled than Oliver was! She didn't even cry the whole time we were there (except when she was hungry) and just sat looking around at everything going on. Pip and Ben are very lucky, and it's nice to see them all so happy.


  1. Lisa...your photos are just absolutely gorgeous...keep up the good photography..

  2. I agree. How did you do that one of the hay grass?? That looks awesome. Did you change the colouring or something. What setting did you have your camera on? Maybe i should get out the instruction manual.

  3. Simone - you know me! Stick it on auto or no flash (usually no flash) and just shoot! I need to get my instruction manual out too. As for changing the colours I have no idea how to do anything like that either - its just lucky I have a nice camera! :)

  4. I know what you mean about the crazy weather - I mentioned going to QLD in June and my friend up there said they play "pick the Tasmanian" as we are the only ones swimming! Last night at 8pm (and later) there were people swimming at the basin - it was FREEZING!

  5. Matilda is gorgeous, and what a big surprise, Yvette's girls are, being so different.
    The eldest looks so much like Luke though.
    Love Mum xxx

  6. Hey Lisa,
    I love reading your blog cause I learn all about our old school friends! Please pass on my congratulations to Pip, & her kids are beautiful!! Both Pip & Yvette have'nt changed & I did'nt know Luke & Yvette got married! lol I'm behind the times.
    Take care & keep up the great blogging!
    XXX Barb


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