Saturday, 30 July 2011

Bikes and Bales

Our friends Justine and Declan moved overseas around 6 years ago.  Jalen and Gus grew up together and Jay was very sad when Gus moved away - first to Thailand, and then to Indonesia.  We love keeping up with their adventures on their blog, and love catching up with them every 12 months when they come home for their school holidays. 

During the week Jus and I caught up, and she mentioned that Simone and Simon were letting their kids leave school early to go out motor bike riding with Gus and Tilly at Justine's parents house.  I asked the boys if they were keen to see Gus and Tilly and their brother Felix (who they didn't know) and Jay was very excited and said he was happy to leave school at lunch time so we could go out, but Harri wasn't keen on leaving school.  I reminded him it was only one day to which he said 'but I LOVE school Mum - I love doing all the work!'.  He doesn't remember Gus and Tilly like Jay does, so I was happy for him to stay at school with Noah - two boys is so much easier than four :)

Jay and Gus were so cute when they saw each other.  Even years later they still get excited to see each other and hang out.

Jus warned us that we would need to bring out our gumboots, and it was lucky that we did as it was very muddy, but that was all a part of the fun!

It's so strange seeing Jus with a little one again.  Felix is the cutest little man.

Simone and Simon's kids brought out their motorbikes, and Justine's parents also had some, so all the kids enjoyed going to feed the cows on their bikes.

While the kids were off feeding the cows with Justine's Dad and Simon, us girls enjoyed a hot chocolate by the fire (someone had to stay inside with Flynn! ;)

After they got back we went outside to join in on the fun and take photos.  It was THE best place to take photos - so many cool things - huge round bales of hay, old machinery and cool old buildings.

The kids had the best time playing chasies together on the bales of hay.

After a few hours of bike riding and running around in the cold, we had some very hungry kids.  It was a lovely afternoon/evening and it's nice to see that the kids can just pick up where they left off 12 months ago.  It's nice to know that we will all be forever friends, no matter how far away we live, or how long it is before we will see each other again.


  1. Love all the photos Lee.
    There is nothing like old friends.
    Love Mum.

  2. WOW waht a fun day you all had..cant believe Justine snuck in under the radar and i didnt get to see her...just love that family..still telling the story of how we bumped into them in Patong beach in Thailand with all those thousands of people and the waitress sit us next to them in the outdoor reataurant...not coincidence really!!!!!

  3. so much fun! i bet the kids were tired after all that running and riding?
    i hope you don't mind i pinch a couple of pictures.
    My camera is playing up so i have just been using my iphone, and the pictures are sooo bad!
    thanks x

  4. great shots - all the kids look so healthy and happy! tilly is gorgeous and so are simones two girls x

  5. Harri was silly for staying at school! I love the photos on the farm.

  6. gorgeous pics, looks like a fun day :)


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