Thursday, 21 July 2011

Time Out for us!

Mum and I are very excited as tomorrow we fly out to go to Sydney for the weekend.  We are heading to a day called 'TIME OUT FOR WOMEN'.  Every year it is held in cities all around the USA and probably Canada, but this is the first time it is held in Australia.

This year the theme is "CHOOSE TO BECOME" and it is a day of inspirational messages and music, especially for women.  Family and lots of friends are also heading up from Tassie and from  all around Australia, for a big day at Sydney Olympic Park.  1500 women in total will be there!  I can't wait to be there and I'm sure we'll have an amazing day together.

We are also looking to having some fun with Chrish tomorrow afternoon, even though he tells us that it's typical Sydney weather at the moment and pouring with rain.  Sounds like it's going to be a weekend just like our weekend up there a few years ago.

Aaron is going to be holding down the fort at home with the boys until I get home on Sunday afternoon.  I'm really looking forward to some time out and fun.


  1. Hip Hip Hooraaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!
    Love Mum.

  2. So exciting isn't it?!?! Can't wait. I put the dvd on today and can't believe we'll be there in person in just a few more hours. Race you to Hilary Weeks!!

  3. good to see Aaron is taking his turn at holding the fort have done it all those times when he goes off on those school football trips....fair is fair i say.... Have fun you girls...Boo Hoo...i left it too late to book ...What say i have a day here so all you girls can come for morning tea and tell me all about it ...ill cook you up a storm if you do...promise!!!

  4. Have fun times ladies! Look forward to hearing more on your blog when you get back!

  5. Have fun! Hope it doesn't go too fast and that you don't need some time out to recover. Can't wait to see some photos.


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