Saturday, 14 May 2011

Missing our Gym Buddies

Kellie and I have been keeping the back corner at the gym warm while Lisa and Simone are not there.  We have been missing our gym buddies a lot thouh, so thought it was time we drove out to see Simone and Flynn (since visiting Lisa is just a little tricky at the moment!). 

These two monkeys were hilarious on the way out. Either squealing on top of their lungs together and cracking up laughing, or pretending they were asleep and then yelling 'wake up!!' to each other.

It was so nice to catch up and see how much Flynn had grown already.  The morning was busy with lots of cooking, chatting, supervising the kids playing, eating and feeding the babies. 

 Erryn looks so big now compared to Flynn! It's amazing how much they change in just over 5 months.

 After the yummy lunch we ate, it looks like Kell and I will have to do a few extra classes at the gym next week to burn off the calories! ;)

Flynn is only just over 4 weeks old, but he is already so alert and aware of everything.  He even gave us a little smile! I of course couldn't resist taking some photos of him.

This photo is extra special as Flynn is laying on his sister Charlotte's quilt that she never got to use.  He's very lucky to have come to such a special family.

It was such a nice day, and so nice to catch up with Simone again.  We can't wait to have our gym buddy back in the back corner with us again, but not too soon Simone :)


  1. YAY Blogger is working!!!
    Hope you guys had FUN without ME and Eden AGAIN!!!!
    Hope you don't brack the Themomix before Jan 2012!!!!

  2. I like the black and white with the coloured quilt.Flynn sure is a gorgeous boy.
    Love Mum.

  3. It sure was a perfect day and I LOVE the one of Flynn on Charlotte's quilt.

  4. two, beautiful little babies... how cute is flynn? i love that blanket. Did simone make that?

  5. Bride- yes Simone did make the quilt! She's a clever chicken hey :)

  6. Flynn is cute! I also love the photo Flynn on Charlottes quilt.

  7. Thomas(theAMAZING) xx19 May 2011 at 14:46

    Girls.. :) Pancakes... And no invite! BodyATTACK is going to be so hard on Friday now.. x


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